A better business education

Get business fundamentals and liberal arts perspectives. It’s a rare and powerful combination.

Mentored by experienced professionals, you’ll get hands-on (and paid!) work experience. You’ll also gain powerful skills and an entrepreneurial mindset that will prepare you for success (and leadership) in the business world.


Hands On

Guide a student-managed investment fund. Apply your skills as an intern at Jackson Spaulding. Design educational technology for schools in Norway. Get professional experience now through research with faculty, off-campus internships and on-campus practical learning experiences.

Business FACULTY

Dr. Joyce Heames
Campbell School of Business Dean
Dr. Joyce Heames

With more than 25 years as a trainer, teacher, facilitator and college administrator, Dr. Heames teaches on a variety of topics, from Corporate Social Responsibility to Human Resource Management to Talent Acquisition. She is a widely published scholar whose primary research focus is the dynamics of counterproductive behavior.

Impressive Facilities

Evidence of Berry’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurship is found across campus—from the 16 student-managed enterprises to the HackBerry Lab, the makerspace where students of any major bring bold ideas to life.

Business Courses

CRT 320
Programmable Logic Controllers & Advanced Robotics

Learn PLC programming, connections, installation and start-up procedures, timers and counters, relay logic instructions and basic robotic concepts. Taught cooperatively with Georgia Northwestern Technical College robots lab and PLC lab.

ECO 310
History of Economic Thought

Explore the impact of historical events on the evolution of economics, the connections between economics and other academic disciplines, and the influence of economists on society.

BUS 210
Legal Environment of Business

Consider the legal and ethical issues facing businesses today, with focus on American legal institutions, contracts, property and employment law, and consideration of the ethical implications of business decisions.

Business LIVES

Jessica Gross

A double major in finance and business management, Jessica Gross (17C) honed her management skills as a member of Berry’s Leadership Fellows, Student Government Association, and several honor societies. She also completed three internships, including one in Germany and another with the Seattle branch of BlackRock—which led to her being hired as a hedge fund solutions team analyst at BlackRock’s New York office.

Jessica Gross

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