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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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You’re a self-starter. You think of creative ways to develop or improve goods and services. You’re up for a challenge—like a class that gives you $100 to start a business and lets you keep the earnings (after paying 10 percent of your profits).

As soon as you step on campus, professors and mentors stand ready to guide you—through classes in accounting, finance, management and marketing. You'll learn to research industry dynamics and competition to understand customers and their behavior. You'll get the tools and training to develop a real-world business plan.

You’ll compete, too. Berry’s annual Pitch Competition—sponsored by the Berry College Entrepreneurship Program—gives you the chance to present your business plan for a cash prize. And you’ll benefit from opportunities with Berry College Student Enterprises, which involves the development and ongoing operation of campus businesses by student teams with a staff or faculty co-manager. This program also encourages students to create new enterprises based on their areas of interest.

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