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Become the kind of doctor the world needs more of.

It takes more than just smarts to be a great doctor. Here, you’ll get the nuts-and-bolts science foundation you’ll need for med school and the liberal arts perspectives that will prepare you for the all-important human side of medicine.

We’ll guide you every step, helping you build skills and log experiences that medical school admission committees are looking for (and that will make you a much better doctor).

Students filling test tubes
In the Lab

Contribute to research that’s shaping the future of your profession. Partner with faculty in the lab—as early as your first year—even getting the chance to co-author publications and present at industry conferences.

Pre-Health FACULTY

Dr. Christopher Mingone
Clinical Assistant Professor of Health Professions and Pre-Health Advisor
Dr. Christopher Mingone

Pre-med Committee Chair Dr. Christopher Mingone teaches and advises Berry’s pre-health students. But his role on the board of advisors for the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) gives Berry students the opportunity to audit 3rd and 4th year medical school classes and collaborate with MCG faculty on independent projects.

Student using a COVID test
Hands On

Sit in on open-heart surgery. Shadow a neurologist. Work in a local health clinic. Here, you’ll leverage faculty connections to learn in the field, hone your skills and build a professional network.

Pre-Health Courses

BCC150: Intro to Health Professions

Learn from visiting care providers (physicians, therapists, dentists, pharmacists and medical students), gaining insider perspectives on possible career paths and building a professional network.

Pre-Health Coursework

Medical schools require courses in biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, English and (usually) calculus—but Berry pre-med students often broaden their studies by studying cellular biology, immunology, genetics and biochemistry as well.

Everything Else

Berry pre-health students can (and often do) choose majors and explore courses from throughout the curriculum. Absorbing a wide range of subjects and disciplines instills a wide range of knowledge and perspectives that make them better practitioners.

Pre-Health LIVES

Amber Gaspard

After spending eight years with WellStar Health System as a clinical care partner, Berry alumna and biochemistry major Amber Gaspard (14C) is pursuing her MD at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. She also volunteers with Interface Ministries and serves on the Board of Directors for Omer Medical Logistics.

 97% of Berry’s pre-med students are accepted to medical school.

Amber Gaspard

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