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Religion and Philosophy

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See the bigger picture.

Who are we? What is our place in the cosmos? Is faith reasonable? What limits should there be on human enhancement? The answers are slippery, but the questions are critical—and deeply instructive.

Draw on (and learn to harness) the tools of two disciplines as you combine study of scriptures and religious traditions with the conceptual and analytical tools of philosophy. You’ll learn to reason effectively, communicate well, understand others’ points of view, solve important problems and see the biggest possible picture.

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Hands On

Present your research findings on Augustine’s views of male and female at Student Symposium. Volunteer as a youth pastor with community agencies in Rome. Collaborate with professors to investigate, write and present a senior research project. 

Religion & Philosophy FACULTY

Dr. Jonathan Parker
Assistant Professor of Religion
Dr. Jonathan D. Parker

In addition to teaching and mentoring Berry students, Dr. Parker is advisor to a number of student organizations, from Lamda Sigma to the Jewish Student Group. He is an ordained Anglican priest in the Anglican Church in North America.

A chapel in the woods
The Power of Place

While studying the Bible, step outside and reimagine our campus as the landscape of Israel. While exploring refugee theology, take a “pilgrimage” to the Possum Trot Church. Consider the Sabbath practice of meditation on any of our 27,000 tranquil acres.

Religion & Philosophy Courses

REL 333
Land, Race, Violence and the Bible

Consider land in biblical literature and its implications for Christian theological understandings of ecology, agriculture, food (including sacrifice), ethnic identity and violence.

REL 328
Spiritual Traditions of Asia

Explore Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Zen.

PHI 359
Environmental Ethics

Examine the relationship between humanity and nonhuman nature, including current biological, political and economic conditions, the role of technology and major philosophical perspectives.

Religion & Philosophy LIVES

Zion Brown

Zion Brown ’21 is a young adults resident at Perimeter Church in Atlanta where he helps build community in the surrounding area. He got his start with campus ministries at Berry and worked for three years in the Chaplain’s Office.

“Berry offered me multiple experiences that prepared me for my current career path. The stellar education I received in the business and religion programs helped me get to where I am today,” says Brown. In the future, he hopes to obtain a Doctorate of Ministry and become a lead pastor.

Zion Brown

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