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Welcome to the homepage of the Evans School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Berry College. We educate students in the skills and the knowledge that will enable them to live well in this complex and interconnected world and that will help them to serve others. That is, we ask questions that matter, “Who is my neighbor?” “What is a neighbor?” “Where are my neighbors?” “What do my neighbors need and care about?” and we look for answers in many different kinds of communication and texts, and in events, and in the lives of others. In short, we are interested in humans, both as individuals and in communities, both past and present, and the things that enrich human life and make a life worth living. That is what we study: Communication (Multimedia Journalism, Public Relations, Sports Com, and Visual Com); Writing, Creative Writing, and Literature; History; Government and International Studies (Political Science); Religion and Philosophy; Sociology and Anthropology; Environmental Studies; World Languages and Cultures (French, German and Spanish); and the Fine Arts of Music, Dance, and Theatre, as well as Visual Art. We invite you to come wonder with us.

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