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Please note: Our office requires three business days advance notice of exams. Once you have submitted a test request, your professor will receive an email from us to complete their portion of the request two business days in advance of the exam. You will receive an email notification confirming your request has been approved. If you do not receive this email, please contact our office as soon as possible by emailing Please review our Test Request FAQs at the link below or contact our office with questions/concerns.

Requesting an Accommodation

Currently enrolled students should reach out to the Office of Accessibility Resources at to obtain instructions on how to submit your request for accommodations. 

Important Dates to consider for Currently Enrolled and Returning Students

While there is no time period within which a person must self-identify as having a disability, the college is permitted a reasonable amount of time to make accommodations.  For that reason, important dates to consider are outlined below:

Housing accommodations

Requests for housing accommodations must be completed by February 1 to ensure availability of an approved housing accommodation. Requests completed after February 1st will be considered, but may not be accommodated for the Fall semester.

Please note: the housing committee reviews requests for accommodations during the second week of each month during the academic year.  Students will receive email notification from the Office of Accessibility Resources within 2 business days after the housing committee meeting.

Dining accommodations

Requests for meal plan exemptions or alterations must be completed by August 1 to guarantee the student's bill is adjusted correctly for the fall semester and November 1st for the spring semester.

Please note: The Dining committee will review all requests for a meal plan alteration two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. If your application is not finalized by this date (meaning all 3 steps in our process have been completed), this may delay our ability to review your request and therefore, not be able to accommodate your request for the upcoming semester.

Academic accommodations

Students are welcome to initiate their request for academic accommodations at any point in their academic career.


Please visit our Policies & Forms page for a copy of the Accommodation Verification Form your care provider must complete in regards to your request for a housing or dining accommodation. Please note: if requesting an academic accommodation, a psychoeducational evaluation or neuropsych evaluation would be preferred; however, an Academic Accommodation Verification form is available if needed. Our documentation requirements are outlined for your reference below.


If you have electronic texts as an accommodation, please consult with the bookstore, Amazon, or other online vendors to purchase an electronic version of any textbooks required. The ASC will only purchase electronic texts for required textbooks for courses if they are not available at the bookstore or through an online vendor.  Please note that there are apps available for desktop/laptop computers.

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