FAQ - Homeschool Admission

How are homeschooled students considered for admission?

We admit homeschooled students based on the strength of their application, essay and high school GPA, just like all other first-year applicants. Though not required for admission consideration or in the awarding of institutional merit scholarships, we will also review SAT or ACT scores for applicants who have taken these tests. While academic record is the primary determinant, we also take a student’s extracurricular activities and personal record into consideration. As a college dedicated to strong academics and the value of meaningful work done well, we encourage applicants to submit a resume of work, volunteer service and/or academic activities along with other information that helps define the applicant.  

How should I submit my transcript as a homeschooled student?

Transcripts from homeschooled students should list all high school-equivalent classes by school year (freshman year, sophomore year, etc.), complete with the title of each course, credits received and grades earned, as well as the anticipated date of high school graduation. Courses that are in progress should also be listed on the transcript so that we know what classes you plan to complete during your final year of high school.

Transcripts can be sent by mail or email to:

Berry College
Office of Admission
PO Box 490159
Mount Berry, GA 30149-0159

What kind of high school curriculum are you looking for from homeschooling applicants?

We recommend the following high school courses as the best preparation for students pursuing enrollment at Berry:

  • 4 years of English (grammar, composition, literature, etc)
  • 4 years of Mathematics (to include Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry or Trigonometry, and a fourth level of math that exceeds Algebra II, such as Algebra III, Advanced Algebra/Trig, PreCalculus, Calculus or Statistics)
  • 3 years of Social Sciences (such as history courses, economics, government, civics, geography, psychology and sociology)
  • 3 years of Natural Sciences (such as biology, chemistry, physical science, physics, environmental science, anatomy, etc)
  • 2 years of Foreign Languages (we recommend two years of the same language, and we will accept languages such as Spanish, French, German, Latin, American Sign Language, etc)

Does Berry accept homeschooled students who graduate from non-accredited programs?

Yes! Homeschooled students do not have to graduate from an accredited homeschool program to be considered for admission to Berry. If you are graduating from an accredited association that provides transcripts and a college counselor, you should submit the association’s transcript and should have the counselor complete the Counselor Recommendation form. If the association does not list all high school classes (complete with grades), please be sure to submit a separate homeschool transcript with these courses and grades earned so that we have a complete record of all high school curriculum.

For Georgia students, please note that your eligibility for state aid programs (like HOPE and Zell Miller) is determined by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. You will need to complete the Academic Evaluation for HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarship, Unaccredited Home Study Programs Form, available through GA Futures.

I am taking college courses as part of my homeschool curriculum. Will I receive credits toward my Berry degree for these classes?

If you attend a regionally-accredited institution and earn a grade of "C" or better in courses equivalent to those offered toward a Berry degree, you will likely receive credits for these courses. You will need to submit an official transcript from the college/university attended once the official grades become available.  Credits earned for a grade of "C" or better in courses equivalent to Berry's "General Education Requirements" are most likely to transfer.  

For a list of courses that have been accepted in the past, you can use the Transferology.

Who should I contact for more information?

Contact Tessa Nedvin, coordinator of homeschool admission, at tnedvin@berry.edu.

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