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Mountain Day


Since its inception, Berry College has been steeped in rich traditions that unite its community and remind us of Martha Berry’s mission to provide educational opportunities for students of all backgrounds. Mountain Day is our signature event created to celebrate the birthday of Berry College’s founder, Martha Berry. Students, families, and alumni are invited to campus on October 7-9, 2022 to participate in the weekend’s festivities!


Welcome Back

August 2022

Whew! This summer flew by. Time is a fickle thing – the days can be long but the years are so incredibly short. Each of you are experiencing different emotions as parents of college students – parents of seniors are trying to figure out where the last three years went, parents of freshman are questioning whether or not you are really “old enough” to have a child in college, and parents of sophomores and juniors may be questioning if your student is ever going to figure out their path/direction. 


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