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Intramural Handbook

Table of Contents

Participants  Contest Procedures 
How do I get Involved?  Player Conduct 
Free Agent Players  Individual Sport Participants 
Entry Fees  Post Season Play 
Sign Up Procedures  Protest Procedures 
Team Sport Captains  Injuries and Insurance 
Eligibility  Spirit of Competition 


Intramural sports are scheduled competitive and recreational activities. Teams are organized for friends, residence halls, student clubs and faculty/staff groups. Intramural activities are offered for both men and women. Participants may choose from individual, dual or team activities. Male, female and coed activities are organized into various skill levels for the enjoyment of the participant. In almost every sport there will be an option to play either recreational or competitive league.

How do I get Involved? 

Intramural teams are formed through common bonds or associations within the community of Berry College, such as:

  • Fellow friends and classmates at Berry College
  • Residence Halls
  • Campus Organizations (social and educational)
  • Free Agent List

Free Agent Players 

For those looking to play on an Intramural team or dual event but do not have the full compliment of players or are just looking to join a team should follow the instructions on the Free Agent Roster page. The sign up lists for all the sports will be located in the Intramural Office and on the web.

Entry Fees 

Intramurals is pleased to offer its general programming free to the students, faculty and staff of Berry College (with the exception of bowling). Golf tournaments may require a fee for use of carts and practice balls for all participants. Bowling will require a $5 fee each week you bowl in the league.

Sign Up Procedures 

To register an Intramural Team come by the Intramural Office and pick up an Entry Form or go to the Entry Form page on the web and submit it electronically.

Team Sport Captains 

The primary duty and responsibility of the team captain is to organize teams and individuals in competition prior to the specific sign up deadlines.

Additional duties of the captain include:

1. Keeping members of your team informed of all intramural activities and rules while also promoting participation.

2. Representing your team or organization at the appropriate intramural captain meetings.

3. Being responsible for self-scheduling your respective team for certain team sport activities.

4. Notifying your team participants of the time and place of scheduled activities.

5. Being familiar with all intramural eligibility rules so that your team can adhere to them. Player eligibility is the captain's responsibility. Rules and regulations regarding player eligibility are found in the handbook. However, any questions regarding player eligibility should be directed to the Intramural Director.

6. Maintaining your name, current phone number, e-mail, and current address with the Intramural Office.


The Intramural Sports Program is open to all Berry College students, faculty and staff according to eligibility guidelines listed below. The basic purpose of the eligibility rules is to provide an equitable program for all participants. The rules have been drawn up as a guide for enjoyable participation. Therefore, the "spirit of the rules," is extremely important and if each participant is willing to abide by the rules, the new result will be a better intramural program for all.

  • Students - All students must be currently enrolled at Berry College.
  • Faculty and Staff - All full and part time Berry College Faculty and Staff members are eligible to participate, spouses are eligible. Full time Winshape employees are eligible.

    Spouses of Graduate Assistant students are not eligible.

    Dependents and Relatives are not eligible.

    Part-time/seasonal Winshape employees are not eligible.

  • Faculty and Staff cannot be a member on a student team.
  • Intercollegiate Team Members - Current varsity, junior varsity, "Red Shirt," scholarship or transferring student-athletes are ineligible to participate in the same sport, or related sport, in the intramural program.
  • Former Intercollegiate Team Members - Intramural teams are allowed only (1) ex-varsity, jr. varsity in that similar sport. The team must also play in the highest league.
  • Assumed Name - A player competing under an assumed name will be barred from intramural competition for a calendar year.
  • Alumni and Friends - Of the College are not eligible for Intramural play.
  • Playoff Tournament Eligibility - No player may be added to a roster once the play-offs have begun. Only players on the regular season roster will be eligible to play. It is the duty of the team captain to be sure the roster is accurate before heading into the play-offs.
  • Single Team Participation - It is illegal for any person to play on more than one team in a sport. The rule is imposed at the time the player participates for the second team. Penalties: The second team that he/she has played on will forfeit the games in which he/she signed in on. Further penalties will be at the discretion of the Intramural Coordinator.
  • Extramural Events - (ex: State/Regional Tournaments) - Only Berry College students are eligible.


  • Game time is forfeit time. If a team is not at the game site, signed in (team must be signed in 10 minutes before the game) and ready to play by the time the game is scheduled to start then that team will be charged a forfeit. In order for a team to receive a forfeited win, they must have the minimum number of players present and signed in. If neither team is signed in and ready to play at game time, both teams will receive a forfeit.
  • One forfeit will result in the loss of that team’s forfeit deposit. Two forfeits will result in that team’s removal from the season and championship tournament.
  • $20 Refundable Forfeit Deposits. Must be turned into the Intramural Office by the team’s captains before the entry deadline for the sport. If a team does not forfeit during the season, they may pick up their deposit within 3 days after the championship game. If you paid in cash you will receive cash back, if you paid in check you will receive that same check back. If a team forfeits, their deposit will be donated to the NW Georgia Boys & Girls Club. If a team fails to pick up their deposit three (3) days after the Championship game, the deposit will be donated to NW Georgia Boys & Girls Club.
  • Default. If a team knows in advance that they cannot play during a scheduled time they must notify the intramural office at least 24 hours before the scheduled time (3 PM Friday if the contest is scheduled on a weekend). However, a team only gets only one (1 default per season that does not count as a forfeit. All subsequent defaults will count toward the team’s forfeit count.  
  • It is the team captain’s responsibility to stay in touch with the intramural office about all schedules, forfeit status and anything else regarding their team.

Contest Procedures 

  • Minimum Number of Players - In team and dual sports, a team may play with less than the regulation number of players. The minimum number of players needed to play will be indicated in the rules for those sports. After the scheduled time of the contest has passed, the contest must begin as soon as both teams have the minimum number of players required play.
  • Concession - A concession is an unplayed game that is recorded as a loss but is not considered a forfeit. Teams are only allowed one concession per season. A second concession by a team will result in a forfeit and that team could be dropped from the league. Due to facility availability concerns, rescheduling of Intramural contests are strongly discouraged. However, if a team is unable to attend a scheduled contest but desires to play the game at another time or date, it might be possible to reschedule. The Intramural Department cannot guarantee a new playing time. The only way to concede a game is to contact the Intramural office (email preferred) no later than 6:00 p.m. on the day prior to the contest. Weekend concessions must be made by 3:00 p.m. on Friday. In tournament play, postponed contests will be rescheduled within a period of time, which will not delay progress of the tounament.
  • Playing Times - When a team registers for a sport they will be asked to choose their preferred playing times. This is only a request and will be honored as best as possible. The Intramural Office tries to schedule games at times requested by participating teams. This is not always possible and there is no guarantee of a requested playing time.
  • Equipment Responsibility - The Intramural Program will furnish game jerseys and/or equipment for the various Intramural activities. It is the responsibility of the participants to return all jerseys and additional equipment loaned to them by the Intramural Program. Lost or stolen equipment is cause for forfeiture of a game and/or payment for the damaged or missing equipment.
  • Inclement Weather - In the event of inclement weather it is the responsibility of each team representative to check the web page after 3 p.m. on the day of the game and then to distribute the information to teammates.
  • Playing Conditions - Decisions regarding playing conditions will not be made prior to 3 p.m. on weekdays and 10:00 a.m. on weekends. Please do not contact the Intramural Office prior to this time.
  • Rosters - Each participating team must have a roster. Names can be added to a roster in only the following manners:
  1. By turning in a roster prior to the start of the season with player's names.
  2. An individual player stopping by the Intramural Office with their valid Berry College ID and having their name added to a team roster. No other ID will be accepted as proof of identity.
  3. Showing up to a game and signing-in on site with a valid Berry College ID. This step will only be allowed until the end of the regular season. New names may not be added prior to the start of the play-offs.

Player Conduct 

Any participant who is ejected from a contest for unsportsmanlike or abusive conduct will be ineligible for that team's next game. The ejected individual may also face further suspension once the Intramural Director reviews the situation. **All participants ejected from contests must meet with the Intramural Director before reinstatement**. 

Sportsmanship is vital to the conduct of every Intramural contest. Officials, adminstrative personnel and supervisors shall make decisions on whether to warn, penalize, or eject players off teams for poor sportsmanship in order to encourage proper conduct during games. These decisions are final. The Intramural Coordinator will rule on further penalties as a result of unsportsmanlike conduct. Before an ejected player is allowed to participate in further competition, he/she must report to the Intramural Director. Penalities range from:

  • Warning
  • Suspension for one or more games
  • Suspension for the balance of the season
  • Suspension for remainder of the semester, year or remainder of tenure at Berry College
  • Referral to the Dean of Students for further disciplinary actions.

The following may be considered as evidence of unsportsmanlike conduct: profanity; unnecessary delay of the game; striking or shoving an opponent; arguing with officials concerning decisions (discussion is allowed as long as it is done in a mature manner by the team captain); possession of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or narcotics; derogatory and abusive remarks toward an opponent or official; touching an official; any action with the intent to physically injure an opponent or official; any action which may potentially cause equipment or facility damage; any action which shows desregard for the rules or policies of the Intramural Program.

Each student participating on a team should choose his or her team members carefully. All team members will suffer the same consequences of any disciplinary action taken by the Intramural Office against that team for violation of the Intramural rules.

A team captain is responsible for actions by an individual member of that team and/or for spectators directly related to the team. The conduct of the players and spectators before and after the game is just as important as the conduct during the game. An organization will be held responsible for its conduct at these times as well as during the game.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted during Intramural play and are not allowed at any Intramural locations. This applies to both players and fans. Any alcoholic beverage found in the area will result in Campus Safety being called. This is a campus policy and any team found to be in violation may forfeit the remainder of the season. Further, any person thought to be intoxicated will be asked to vacate the Intramural location. Any person not cooperating when asked will cause his/her team to forfeit the game and face disciplinary action. This also applies to players and fans. The offending person will be required to meet with the Director of Intramurals within 24 hours of the violation or before the next contest.

Individual Sport Participants 

Individual and dual sport participants are asked to keep the Intramural Sports Office informed of all results, and to check their schedules regularly so that necessary contact can be made with opponents as required. Scores not reported 24 hours after completion of the contest are subject to forfeit.

Post Season Play 

Most Intramural Leagues will follow the season with a Tournament. See individual sport pages for details.

State Tournament Procedures  

The winner of the Upper Bracket of the post-season tournament in flag football and basketball will have the opportunity to advance to the state tournament in that respective sport. They are allowed to select additional members from other teams. The Intramurals Department will pay for the team's entry fee and three (3) hotel rooms for one (1) night, and a second night if team advances to Sunday.

Protest Procedure 

Protest- Those based on decisions involving a judgement call by the official will not be allowed. The Intramural Office will accept only two types of protests for consideration:

  • Eligibility - Protesting the eligibility of players will be the responsibility of the individual team or team competing and is to be made at the start of the game or when the player in question arrives at the game site.
  • Protest concerning interpretation of playing rules, that is, failure of an official to apply a proper rule, penalty, or violation to a given situation.

Whenever a matter of protest arises during a contest, the captain of the protesting team must notify the official and the opponent of their protest before the next live ball. This will be done by stating, "I want to protest this game" from the team captian. Failure to lodge a protest in this manner will void the protest.

  • Under notification of a protest, the official in charge will suspend play.
  • The protesting captain will state specifically the basis for their protest. In turn, the official in charge will explain the basis of their decision.
  • If the protesting party wishes to appeal the decision of the official in charge, he/she must request that the field or court supervisor review the decision before play resumes.
  • The supervisor will either render a decision on the question or refer the protest to the Intramural Director, after which time play will resume.
  • If the protesting party is still not satisfied with the decision, he/she must file a formal protest with the Intramural Office no later than 5:00 pm on the first working day following the protested contest.
  • The formal protest must be submitted in written form, and must contain the date, time and place of the game; the contestants, the names of the officials involved, citation of the official rules or local rules under which the game was played; an explanation of the situation which prompted the protest, including the score at the time; playing time or plays remaining in the period; who has possession of the ball and its location; and any other facts involved in the play.
  • If the formal protest is upheld, the game will be replayed from the point at which the improper decision was made, or in its entirety in order to correct the error. This decision lies solely with Intramural Director. Individual players found to be ineligible shall automatically cause a forfeit for the game in which they participated as well as all other games in which they participated.

Injuries and Insurance 

Participation in the Intramural program is completely voluntary. Intramural sports and similar activities intrinsically involve risks of physical injury greater than those in daily life, and by taking part in sports and other activities, participants acknowledge and assume risks inherent therein. Berry College can not be liable for injuries sustained within the scope of the game. It is highly recommended that all participants have a current Insurance policy.

Spirit of Competition 

Sport activities find their origin in the basic human need for the spirit of the play. Winning and losing are mere outcomes of this play spirit. What is part of the game is the pure satisfaction of participation (fun, fitness, friendship, stress release, etc. ). Without your opponent, you have no game, no contest, and no fun. You are indebted to them as they are to you. The spirit of the play then, is based on cooperation. Upholding high standards of integrity and fair play acknowledge this idea of cooperative competition. All players are encouraged to exercise good judgment in caring for the saftey of others as well as themselves. At Berry College, an intentional violation of the rules is considered cheating and a gross offense against the spirit of competition.

Abusive language toward officials, other participants and manipulation of the rules are not "part of the game". A lifetime interest in sports is a goal of all players, which have more meaning than that of a win or loss, the memory of which is often fades quickly. All players are asked to participate within the context of this spirit of play and competition.

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