2022 Graduates (C-E)

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James Caddell
Major: Mathematics, Religion & Philosophy
From: Marietta, GA

calhoun-lillian.jpgLily Calhoun
Major: Communication
Minor: Creative Writing
From: Atlanta, GA
Mentors Include: Jack Padgett, David Alford, Ryan Simmons, Curt Hersey, Calli O'Neal, Sarah Kaufman and Katherine Powell
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory is when I got to work with David Alford to create Interactive Cyber Theatre through my sophomore and junior years. That experience taught me so much about creativity as David allowed the students to have so much control over the show. It was so much fun to spend time with all of my best friends creating something that we were really excited about and that has never been done before!
What’s Next: I am headed to Atlanta to work in the film industry as a freelancer! I am excited to make connections on set and eventually end up writing or producing.

Michael Canfield
Major: Creative Technologies
From: Orlando, FL

Alexandra Carpenter
Major: Music
Minor: Psychology
From: Winston, GA

Marlies Carter
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Madisonville, LA

Christian Casteel
Major: Biochemistry, Spanish
Minor: Biology
From: Villa Rica, GA

caycho-mantilla-sheryl.jpgSheryl Caycho Mantilla
Major: Music Education
From: Calhoun, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Paul Neal, Mrs. Ruth Baker, Dr. Stefanie Cash and Sarah Kaufmann
Favorite Berry Memory: Throughout my four years at Berry, I have enjoyed all of the KCAB events: Casino Night, late nights, formals, Halloween night. All of these events made my college years memorable.
What’s Next: After I graduate, I will be attending Georgia Southern Armstrong Campus' master's program in higher education administration. I will be a working as a graduate assistant for the Trio Student Support Service department.

caylor-lauren.jpgLauren Caylor
Major: Political Science
Minor: German
From: Cleveland, TN
Mentors Include: Eric Sands, Michael Bailey, Lorenzo Canalis and Diana Haase
Favorite Berry Memory: Exploring the Catacombs
What’s Next: I will be attending The University of Tennessee College of Law in Knoxville, Tennessee.

chamberlain-bryan.jpgBryan Chamberlain
Major: Psychology
From: Mount Berry, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Kristen Diliberto, Brant Sanderlin, Dr. Thom Ratkos and Dr. Miguel Ampuero
Favorite Berry Memory: The time I spent as an officer and then President of the Berry College Alternate Realities club (BCAR) when putting together Berry College's annual haunted house. If i had to pick an individual moment, it would be watching several students in BCAR struggling to make a mock up tree for one of the rooms. We proceeded to drive out to the edge of the woods near the Ford Building and found a fallen tree that was several times taller than me. We wedged it on top of the car and somehow managed to get it to the very end of the hallway while going through the basement entrance of the Ford Gymnasium (getting it past several very tight corners and watching 40+ students breaking down laughing as we paraded it down the hall proud as can be). The members were under a lot of stress trying to meet our deadline to be set up and what kind of president would I be if i couldn't provide comic relief for the bunch of lovable oddballs?
What’s Next: I plan on working for a year after i graduate to get experience in the field of clinical psychological counseling and then proceed to apply for Graduate Schools that offer a Clinical and Mental Health Counseling Program to get licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor so i can help people.  

Seth Chambliss
Major: English, Communication
From: Chickamauga, GA

Kish Chandler
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Psychology
From: Yukon, OK
Sport: Women's Basketball

cherry-madison.jpgMadison Cherry
Major: Nursing
From: Canton, GA
Sport: Women's Soccer
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory has to be meeting my lifelong best friends and getting to spend every day, for the last four years, making memories with them.
What’s Next: Northside Cherokee Hospital to work as an Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse

childers-alyssa.jpgAlyssa Childers
Major: Psychology
Minor: Applied Behavior Analysis, Women's and Gender Studies
From: Cartersville, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Thom Ratkos, Dr. Susan Conradsen and Dr. Miguel Ampuero
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory is the first time I went to Marthapalooza. I am a commuter so my freshman year I neglected to attend the fair because of the late ride back but my sophomore year after I had made a few friends they let me crash in their dorm after the event and it was so much fun and it really connected me to Berry College.
What’s Next: I will be heading to the corporate world of HR for a year or two while I continue to write and prepare a portfolio for a creative writing master's program.

choate-faythe.jpgFaythe Choate
Major: Communication
From: Boston, GA
Mentors Include: Chris Kozelle, Anna Sharpe, Brant Sanderlin, Hope Willoughby and Sam Nazione
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memory from Berry was being a Gate of Opportunity Scholar. From developing new skills in event planning and communication, to making some of the most extraordinary friendships of my life, being a Gate Scholar made me truly appreciate how special Berry is. It also allowed me to meet the person I would soon get to marry, which I think is my fondest memory of all.
What’s Next: I am now working in entertainment marketing as the Advertising Coordinator for The Classic Center in Athens, Ga. Every day I get to put my degree to work, promoting Broadway shows, concerts and UGA sporting events!

chrzanowski-jacob.jpgJacob Chrzanowski
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Business Administration
From: Brooks, GA

clark-riley.jpgRiley Clark
Major: Spanish
Minor: Psychology
From: Marietta, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Casey Dexter and Dr. David Slade
What’s Next: I'm joining Lipscomb University's Clinical Mental Health Counseling master's program with a Play Therapy Concentration.

cooper-makenna.jpgMakenna Cooper
Major: Finance
From: Fuquay Varina, NC

Brendan Corbett
Major: Theatre
From: Cypress, TX

cordell-jaclyn.jpgJaclyn Cordell
Major: Sociology & Anthropology
Minor: Psychology
From: Chambersburg, PA
Mentors Include: Morgan Stansell and Carolina Ritcher-Sanchez
Favorite Berry Memory: Every moment I spent with the friends I have now
What’s Next: Back home to where my dog is

Hannah Corley
Major: Communication
From: Denver, CO

Marshall Cornell
Major: Management
From: Chattanooga, TN

cortes-nathania.jpgNathania Cortes
Major: English, Secondary Education
Minor: Teaching English as a Foreign Language
From: Calhoun, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Eliana Hirano, Dr. Jim Watkins, Mrs. Sarah Blalock, Mark and Judy Keappler and Mrs. Pamela Bissonnette.
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memories include meeting my wonderful boyfriend who has been my rock, doing workouts with my roommate all over campus, and enjoying a peaceful campus during summer break.
What’s Next: I will be teaching English as a second language at Rome High School.

cossio-kyle.jpgKyle Cossio
Major: Creative Technologies
Minor: Music
From: Weston, FL
Mentors Include: Zane Cochran
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory would have to be from a CRT Vehicles class. Towards the end of the semester we had races involving chibi-carts (basically a go-cart) that we built during the class. It was a great way to showcase and have fun with what we worked on in class.
What’s Next: After graduation, I plan to travel and visit some friends and family along the west coast and some in Europe.

cox-faith.jpgAshlyn Cox
Major: English, Secondary Education
Minor: Teaching English as a Foreign Language
From: Dalton, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Barnes and Dr. Hirano 
Favorite Berry Memory: I loved Easter at the House of Dreams during my Freshman year.
What’s Next: I have recently been accepted and have committed to Vanderbilt University to pursue my Master of Education in English Language Learners - Language Science and Development.

Taryn Cox
Major: Economics
Minor: Business Administration
From: Woodstock, GA

croker-riley.jpgRiley Croker
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Creative Technologies
From: Marietta, GA
Sport: Men's Swimming
Mentors Include: Paul Flinchbaugh, Zane Cochran, Chris Whitmire, Ron Taylor, Garner Cochran and Dr. Hamid
Favorite Berry Memory: Hanging out with my friends on the swim team
What’s Next: I have accepted a Software Engineering position with Earnest and Associates in Roswell, Ga.

cunningham-hannah.jpgHannah Cunningham
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Laveen, AZ

Caleb Dallimore
Major: History, Secondary Education
From: Maumelle, AR
Sport: Men's Basketball

dalton-alex.jpgAlexander Dalton
Major: Finance, Accounting
From: Knoxville, TN
Mentors Include: I would say that my favorite Berry memory is constantly being around friends and like-minded people, both inside and outside of the classroom.
Favorite Berry Memory: Coach K, Buster Wright, Brad Reeder and Joyce Heames
What’s Next: I am going to move back to my hometown of Knoxville, Tenn., and put my Berry education to work!

Macey Daniel
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Psychology
From: Soddy Daisy, TN

darnell-mckenzie.jpgMcKenzie Darnell
Major: Animal Science, French
Minor: Chemistry, Spanish
From: Daufuskie Island, SC

davenport-katelynn.jpgKateLynn Davenport
Major: Psychology
Minor: Family Studies, Women's and Gender Studies
From: Blue Ridge, GA
Mentors Include: Meredith Johnson, Terri Cordle and Dr. Susan Conradsen
Favorite Berry Memory: Going to all of the events dressed up for the various themes
What’s Next: I will be attending the Master of Social Work program at Kennesaw State University in the fall.

Ashley DeMinico
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Jacksonville, NC

desandre-hayley.jpgHayley DeSandre
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Alpharetta, GA
Sport: Women's Lacrosse
Favorite Berry Memory: Alpaca farm from the first lacrosse spring break trip and many inside jokes made among my friend group.
What’s Next: Headed to take a gap year and work as a veterinary technician, then pursue a master's degree in animal immunology

doolittle-catherine.jpgCatherine Doolittle
Major: Mathematics, Secondary Education
From: Monroe, GA
Mentors Include: Lane and Robin Doolittle, Anna Katherine Carlin, Dr. Jill Cochran, Joan Blackwelder and Dr. Douglas Pfeffer
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memories include: playing hide-and-go-seek/sardines in MAC with 30+ people a couple times and meeting so many new people those times, winning Mountain Day Olympics several times, any time spent with my friends stargazing, going to trivia night at Doug's Deli, going to cookout, going to sporting events and just hanging out! All of these memories remind me of the beautiful community of people I have around me!
What’s Next: I will be headed to teach high school math in Walton County, Ga., and will also potentially be helping coach girls basketball!

doster-samuel.jpgColt Doster
Major: Creative Technologies
Minor: Business Administration, Economics
From: Colbert, GA
Mentors Include: Jonathan Weaver, Joseph Cook, Andrew Myers, Abby Horne and Andrew McKlesky
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memory would have to be symposium day of my Junior year. We did not get a spring break that year and instead of using symposium to value student research like we should have, my friends and I instead used it to play outside all day. There is nothing overly special about this memory. It was just a really good day right towards the end of a really hard year of college.
What’s Next: I am staying in Rome! I will be working for Winshape Teams up on Mountain Campus after graduation.

Emily Driscoll
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Calhoun, GA
Sport: Women's Cross Country

eaton-caitlin.jpgCaitlin Eaton
Major: Psychology
Minor: Applied Behavior Analysis, Family Studies
From: La Fayette, GA
Mentors Include: Virginia McChesney
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memories are the summers that I spent on campus with all of my closest friends! We went on so many adventures and checked off our Berry Bucket lists.
What’s Next: After graduation, I will be preparing myself for graduate school in Chattanooga, Tenn. I will be attending Richmont University to pursue my master's degree in Mental Health Counseling!

eckstein-grace.jpgGrace Eckstein
Major: Nursing
From: Villa Rica, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Rebecca Logan, Ms. Natalie Tracy and Dr. Ashleigh Woods
Favorite Berry Memory: Cracking jokes with my friends and professors in the nursing sim lab!
What’s Next: I have accepted a position as an RN at Piedmont Cartersville Medical Center in the Emergency Department.

edelen-sydney.jpgSydney Edelen
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Psychology
From: Chattanooga, TN
Mentors Include: Casee Gilbert and Michael McElveen 
Favorite Berry Memory: Some of my favorite Berry memories include staying up late talking to my friends and roommates or late-night card/board games while not having to think about school. Laughing and living in the moment with my friends is what I will remember most from my time here at Berry.
What’s Next: I will be attending Lincoln Memorial University's Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program in Knoxville, Tenn., starting May 23, 2022.

Molly Edmondson
Major: Management
From: Rome, GA

Luke Edney
Major: History, Creative Writing
From: Hendersonville, NC

Justus Edwards
Major: Exercise Science
From: Helena, AL

eldridge-kennedy.jpgKennedy Eldridge
Major: Early Childhood Education
Minor: Teaching English as a Foreign Language
From: Columbus, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Hirano, Rev. Dr. Jon Huggins and Rev. Dr. Erin Moniz
Favorite Berry Memory: When I think about my favorite memories at Berry, I can't help but think about leading worship through the Chaplain's office. When I look back at my time at Berry, I feel so thankful for the opportunity to lead at Evensongs. There is something really special about worship in the college chapel and I will forever cherish those sweet memories.
What’s Next: I am moving back to Columbus, Ga. I will be teaching kindergarten at Blanchard Elementary School, the school I went to as a kid.

Walter Ellard
Major: Marketing, Management
From: Roswell, GA

Caleb Enright
Major: Creative Technologies
Minor: Mathematics
From: Winter Garden, FL

epps-helaina.jpgHelaina Epps
Major: Management, Marketing
From: Waxhaw, NC
Mentors Include: Dr. Paula Englis 
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory was having the opportunity to create my own small business in Dr. Paula Englis' entrepreneurship class. I was then able to sell my products during Mountain Day, which allowed me to gain first-hand experience of owning a small business, my dream career! While there were ups and downs during the process, I loved every bit of it and gained a stronger passion for entrepreneurship.
What’s Next: Following graduation, I will be moving back to my home state, N.C., to pursue a career in marketing.

ernst-zachary.jpgZachary Ernst
Major: Exercise Science
From: Buford, GA
Sport: Men's Soccer
Mentors Include: Richard Vardy, Konrad Jacobs, Jessica Washington and Angela Smith
Favorite Berry Memory: Winning the SAA Conference Championship for soccer in spring 2021.
What’s Next: I will be going back home to Buford, Ga., to take a gap year to work before returning to school to get my Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Tea Escarsega
Major: Biochemistry
From: San Antonio, TX

evans-claudia.jpgClaudia Evans
Major: Chemistry
Minor: One Health
From: Canton, GA

ewold-haley.jpgHaley Ewald
Major: Psychology
Minor: Family Studies
From: Canton, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Alan Hughes
Favorite Berry Memory: There are so many! Stimulating conversations with classmates and professors, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, picnics and stargazing on the lawn of Frost Chapel with friends, winning Mountain Day Olympics every year and getting engaged to Bryon Schirner.
What’s Next: After graduation, I will be marrying my high school sweetheart (also a 2021 Berry graduate), Bryon Schirner. Additionally, I will be pursuing a Master of Social Work degree through the University of Georgia in hopes of eventually starting a nonprofit aimed at assisting families and children in foster care.

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