2022 Graduates (F-H)

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falcitelli-sarah.jpgEmily Falcitelli
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry, Biology
From: Kingston, GA
Mentors Include: Daniel Payne, Meredith Johnson, Caitlin Conn and Laura Flatow
Favorite Berry Memory: Being a part of the Lettie Pate Whitehead scholarship
What’s Next: An internship with SEZARC where I will be a lab assistant

felker-ansley.jpgAnsley Felker
Major: Nursing
From: Rockmart, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Logan and Dr. Woods
What’s Next: The nurse residency program at Floyd

Evan Fennell
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Physics
From: Loganville, GA

fiedler-johannes.jpgJohannes Fiedler
Major: Finance
Minor: Economics
From: Salzburg - Elsbethen
Mentors Include: Mike Burnes
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry Moment was when Covid-19 hit and everyone got sent home, apart from us International Students. This meant the campus was completely empty and for the first time I was able to see Berry College's beauty all by myself. There was no noise around campus; it was competently quiet. It just seemed like a lost town that was perfectly looked after.
What’s Next: I am going to pursue a Master of Analytical Finance at Emory University and after that work on becoming a permanent United States resident.

fierle-ryan.jpgRyan Fierle
Major: Management, Marketing
From: Cumming, GA
Sport: Men's Soccer
Mentors Include: Dr. Clark
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memory at Berry has to be winning the SAA tournament with the Men's Soccer Team.
What’s Next: After graduation, I will be pursuing my MBA at Berry College and will be interning with Mohawk Industries.

fite-taylor.jpgTaylor Fite
Major: Finance
Minor: Economics
From: Warner Robins, GA
What’s Next: I got a job with Cerner as a traveling financial consultant in Atlanta.

foster-charlotte.jpgCharlotte Foster
Major: History
From: Atlanta, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Marvin, Dr. Snider and Dr. Atkins
Favorite Berry Memory: Camping on campus with my friends
What’s Next: Back to Atlanta

Nathan Foster
Major: Creative Technologies
From: Atlanta, GA

fowler-vanessa.jpgVanessa Fowler
Major: Communication
Minor: Psychology
From: Cumming, GA
Mentors Include: Matt Delzer and Hope Willoughby
Favorite Berry Memory: One of my favorite memories at Berry would have to be when my friends and I piled into a car, drove up to mountain campus one afternoon with the music absolutely blaring and screamed along to the lyrics. It was so much fun to just be crazy for a car ride with each other before getting to mountain and take some pictures at Frost Chapel. It’s a memory I will cherish forever!
What’s Next: I want to become a professor of communications and a collegiate speech and debate coach. I am excited to say that in the fall of 2022 I will be headed to Minnesota State University at Mankato to get my masters degree in communications and forensics.

fox-leslie.jpgLeslie Fox
Major: Psychology
Minor: Applied Behavior Analysis
From: Roswell, GA
Mentors Include: Michelle Haney
What’s Next: Auburn University to study Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling

fox-madeline.jpgMadeline Fox
Major: Communication
From: Oakman, GA
Mentors Include: Hope Willoughby, Cecily Crow and Sue Tarpley
Favorite Berry Memory: Being a First Year Mentor is one of my favorite things that I did during my time at Berry. I worked for three years with Professor Hope Willoughby, so I have unique memories from each class that we taught together. I always really loved the weekend of Viking Venture, because most freshmen are eager to jump right in and participate in activities throughout the weekend. It was always a lot of fun to guide them through that process. I felt honored to be part of those very first memories from their freshman year at Berry!
What’s Next: Since graduating in December 2021, I have been working as the content manager on the communications team at Darlington School in Rome, GA. 

David Freeman
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Newnan, GA
Sport: Men's Track, Outdoor, Men's Track, Indoor, Men's Cross Country
Mentors Include: Paul Deaton and Angela Smith
Favorite Berry Memory: Winning the 2021 SAA conference cross country championship.
What’s Next: Memphis, Tenn., to work as a full-time surgical neurophysiologist and part-time college cross country coach.

galloway-alexander.jpgAlexander Galloway
Major: Physics, Secondary Education
From: Kennesaw, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Clement, Dr. Jill Cochran, Dr. Lane, Dr. Timberlake, Dr. Neal and Ms. Kinsey Farmer
Favorite Berry Memory: I enjoyed the Berry Singers trip to Athens for GMEA. It was nice to finally do something after so many cancellations the past few years.
What’s Next: I’m still working out the details, but will be teaching physics somewhere in Georgia.

gamble-abby.jpgAbbey Gamble
Major: Exercise Science, Sports Administration
From: Villa Rica, GA
Sport: Softball
Mentors Include: Ginger Swann, Shane West, Ronda Hancock and Konrad Jacobs
Favorite Berry Memory: All of the late night drives to mountain campus, cookout runs, and team dinners
What’s Next: I will be coming back to Berry to pursue my Master of Business Administration

Roggi Garcia
Major: Management, Marketing
From: Kennesaw, GA
Sport: Men's Track, Indoor, Football

gardner-catherine.jpgCatherine Gardner
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Animal Science
From: Carrollton, TX
Mentors Include: Dr. Angela Smith and Karen DiRuggiero
Favorite Berry Memory: There are truly too many memories to pick from!
What’s Next: Attending Duke University to pursue my Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

garner-lindsay.jpgAshlinn Garner
Major: Exercise Science
From: Bremen, GA
Mentors Include: Kathleen Duncanson, Jessica Washington and Ginger Swann
Favorite Berry Memory: Hiking to the reservoir with friends
What’s Next: Attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham to pursue my Doctorate in Occupational Therapy

Caroline Garstka
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Business Administration
From: Decatur, GA

Michael Gaston
Major: Biochemistry
From: Charles Town, WV

gates-yemia.jpgYemia Gates
Major: Psychology
Minor: Family Studies, Women's and Gender Studies
From: Hampton, GA
Mentors Include: Meredith Johnson, Dub Darville and Lauren Watson
Favorite Berry Memory: One of the best memories was after my first couple of weeks at Berry freshman year. I had just met my now best friend at SOAR and we decided to go to the Dana Late Night. It was a Hoedown Throwdown, my first real party, and it was amazing. I had a great time and I will remember it for a long time!
What’s Next: Over the summer I will be working as a Unit Coordinator for The Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta. Beginning in August, I will be a Social and Emotional Learning Coach at Kindezi West Charter School in South Fulton.

gilbert-matthew.jpgMatthew Gilbert
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Psychology
From: Lawrenceville, GA
Sport: Men's Lacrosse
Mentors Include: Curtis Gilbert
Favorite Berry Memory: Every day I got to spend with my team
What’s Next: I plan on working at Camp Twin Lakes over the summer and begin my master's program in Sports Psychology.

girard-christian.jpgChristian Girard
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Business Administration
From: Suwanee, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Quentin Johnson
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memory was going to Marthapalooza.
What’s Next: I will be attending the Dental College of Georgia in Augusta.

Christopher Gmeiner
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Physics
From: Peachtree City, GA

golden-ashlee.jpgAshlee Golden
Major: Early Childhood Education
From: Tifton, GA
Sport: Women's Track, Outdoor, Women's Track, Indoor, Women's Cross Country
What’s Next: Teaching fifth grade math, science and social studies at West End Elementary School in Rome.

David Gottesman
Major: Marketing
Minor: Economics
From: Awendaw, SC
Sport: Men's Lacrosse

gray-caitlin.jpgCaitlin Gray
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Psychology
From: Calhoun, GA
Mentors Include: Jessica Howard, Kathleen Duncanson and Brandon Williamson
Favorite Berry Memory: Hiking to the House o' Dreams with my friend Caroline on a whim.
What’s Next: I will be attending UTC for their Graduate Athletic Training Program starting July 5.

greeson-emily.jpgEmily Greeson
Major: Nursing
Minor: Business Administration
From: Resaca, GA
Mentors Include: Pamela Dunagan
Favorite Berry Memory: Marthapalooza!
What’s Next: I will be working as an RN in the NICU at Children's Hospital at Erlanger. I will also be a newborn photographer for Erlanger. I plan to go back to school to become a neonatal nurse practitioner.

Tanner Gregory
Major: Finance
Minor: Economics
From: Ball Ground, GA

grier-devin.jpgDevin Grier
Major: Accounting, Management
From: Lawrenceville, GA

groves-hannah.jpgHannah Groves
Major: Nursing
From: Winder, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Jamie Saye, Dr. Ashleigh Woods, Rev. Dr. Erin Moniz and Karen DiRuggiero
Favorite Berry Memory: Summer game nights with fellow Gate Scholars! The joy and community we shared carried me through many a long work week.
What’s Next: I will be starting a Labor and Delivery Nurse position at Erlanger in Chattanooga!

grucci-maddie.jpgMadeline Grucci
Major: Biology
Minor: English, Chemistry
From: Marco Island, FL
Mentors Include: Dr. DeLacy Rhodes, Dr. Bruce Conn, Likyla Hall and Laura Taylor
Favorite Berry Memory: Some of my favorite memories took place in Dr. Conn's Entomology class. I took the class during Fall 2020 when the pandemic was still affecting all of our lives in a big way and this class brought me so many learning experiences and so much joy at a time that I needed it most. During lab, we would venture into the great outdoors and explore every inch of Berry's beautiful campus, searching for the most colorful and interesting organisms. This class made me fall in love with science all over again and I also forged many lasting friendships.
What’s Next: After graduation, I am planning to work in a clinical/research lab in the Boston area for the next year before applying to graduate programs in microbiology.

gutierrez-leslie.jpgLeslie Gutierrez
Major: Psychology
Minor: Spanish, Applied Behavior Analysis
From: Calhoun, GA
Mentors Include: Randy and Nita Hardin, Kimberly Melton, Paul Shamblin, Alice Shiflett, Ronda Hancock, Shira Kerce, Dr. Miguel Ampuero, Dr. Michelle Haney and Dr. Thom Ratkos
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory is meeting all of my closest friends! I have enjoyed summers, game nights, late nights, and all Berry events! Especially Casino Night!
What’s Next: After graduation, I am pursuing my master's in Forensic Mental Health Counseling at Roger Williams University. I will hold a graduate assistantship in the office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

hackett-aidan.jpgAidan Hackett
Major: Economics
Minor: Business Administration
From: Asheville, NC
Sport: Men's Soccer
Mentors Include: Dr. Stephenson, Dr. Sharpe and Dr. Heller
Favorite Berry Memory: Winning the conference tournament with the soccer team!
What’s Next: I’ll be staying at Berry to pursue my Master of Business Administration.

hadaway-andie.jpgAndie Hadaway
Major: Exercise Science
From: Salem, AL
Mentors Include: Ginger Swann, Sierra Rhodes and Emma O’Heron
Favorite Berry Memory: Living with all of my best friends!
What’s Next: I will be attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham Physical Therapy program!

hadden-emily.jpgEmily Hadden
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Dance
From: Dallas, GA
Mentors Include: Lindsey Davis and Rachel McLucas
Favorite Berry Memory: Having Saturday movie nights with my group of friends and attending the American Chemical Society national conference with my chemistry research group.
What’s Next: I will be pursuing a master’s degree in forensic science at Towson University in Maryland.

Christopher Hale
Major: Psychology
Minor: Economics, Applied Behavior Analysis
From: Acworth, GA

Robert Harbour
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Business Administration
From: Snellville, GA

Thomas Harlin
Major: Creative Technologies
Minor: Business Administration
From: Marietta, GA

harris-madden.jpgMadden Harris
Major: Nursing
From: Canton, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Logan, Ms. Tracy and Dr. Woods 
Favorite Berry Memory: I loved working in the nursing simulation lab and running pediatric simulations with Grace Eckstein and Dr. Logan.
What’s Next: I will be working in the ICU at Piedmont Mountainside!

harrison-jonathan.jpgJonathan Harrison
Major: Economics, Finance
From: Ellijay, GA

Paige Hatcher
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Business Administration
From: Blackshear, GA

heilesen-kalene.jpgKalene Heilesen
Major: Marketing
From: Social Circle, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Melissa Clark
Favorite Berry Memory: Early into senior year, my boyfriend and I hosted a little get together at the Jewel Box fireplace outside. We invited our friends and we sat around the fire, toasting s’mores and telling stories. It was so simple yet so meaningful to have our friends gather together even though we were all in the same friend groups.
What’s Next: My goal is to find a job somewhere in Georgia so I can gain experience, then hopefully I can work with a small business, nonprofit or even a study abroad agency.

heiskell-margaret.jpgMargaret Heiskell
Major: Communication
Minor: Business Administration, Psychology
From: Atlanta, GA
Mentors Include: Alicia Gauker
Favorite Berry Memory: I've really enjoyed any time I've gotten to spend with friends — basketball games, late night Waffle House runs, hikes, picnics at retreat, etc.
What’s Next: I'll be working as an Associate for the WinShape College Program at UCF in Orlando.

Mason Hemstreet
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Business Administration
From: Mountain Brook, AL
Sport: Men's Soccer
Mentors Include: Dr. Breton, Dr. Mingone, Lauren Hahn and Dr. Paul Holcombe
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory was the alien late night my sophomore year where we had a bunch of random people joining a dance line running out of the dance pit then running back in and just going crazy and having a bunch of fun. Definitely something I will always remember and look back smiling at. Many memories were made that night and it was just all around just an exciting evening.
What’s Next: After graduation, I am heading to medical school in Auburn where I will be studying at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine where I plan to pursue my dream of becoming a surgeon and helping people with my head, heart and hands.

henager-marissa.jpgMarissa Henager
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Creative Technologies
From: Woodstock, GA

henderson-harley.jpgHarley Henderson
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry, Biology
From: Rockledge, FL
Mentors Include: Dr. Judy Wilson
What’s Next: Headed to Wyoming to work with the National Park Service this summer!

henrich-katherine.jpgKatherine Henrich
Major: French
Minor: Chemistry
From: Alpharetta, GA
Mentors Include: Amanda Caito and Dr. Vincent Grégoire
Favorite Berry Memory: There’s so many to choose from! I’ve really just enjoyed forming close relationships and spending time with my friends.
What’s Next: I will be taking a gap year and be in the Disney College Program before hopefully going to medical school in fall 2023.

Juan Hernandez
Major: Biochemistry
From: Calhoun, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Mark Turlington, Dr. Kevin Hoke, Dr. Tabitha Cook and the entire chemistry department
What’s Next: I am headed to Florida State University to pursue a Ph.D. in biochemistry.

hill-isabelle.jpgIsabelle Hill
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Spanish, Geology
From: Ringgold, GA
Mentors Include: Andrea Jones, Dr. Campbell and Stacie Marshall
Favorite Berry Memory: Spending time in the campus gardens each morning during the summer.
What’s Next: I will be joining the Rise 'n Shine Farm team serving as their marketing and floral manager!

hill-kayla.jpgKyla Hill
Major: Creative Writing
Minor: Music
From: Atlanta, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Mullins, Dr. Cash, Dr. Watkins and Dr. Peters
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memories are the days when my friends and I would Eno or picnic by the Jewel Box and then star gaze on Mountain.
What’s Next: I have been accepted to the Medieval Literature and Languages Master's program at the University of York in England.

holan-kendall.jpgKendall Holan
Major: Nursing
From: Houston, TX
Mentors Include: Cori Bradham and Dr.Naguszewski
Favorite Berry Memory: Choosing just one seems too difficult. One of my favorite memories has been waking up and drinking coffee with my housemates. It's the Berry community in the routine moments that makes this place so special. Another one of my favorite memories has been playing ultimate frisbee with some of my best friends.
What’s Next: After graduation I will be heading to Nashville with some fellow Berry graduates! In Nashville I will begin my career as a nurse.

hollender-jasmine.jpgJasmine Hollender
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry, Psychology
From: Decatur, GA
Mentors Include: Amanda Parker and Ella, Dr. Belinda Lady and Dr. Amy Abrams
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory is sneaking onto the tops of the various academic buildings.
What’s Next: I will be moving to California and completing a wildlife rehabilitation internship at Pacific Wildlife Care in Morro Bay.

horn-katelin.jpgKatie Horn
Major: English, Secondary Education
From: Winston, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Mary Clement, Dr. John David and Dr. Chris Diller
Favorite Berry Memory: I have two favorite memories: One is with the Viking Drumline on Mountain day when we performed after Covid; the crowd was so into it and you could feel the joy radiating from the stands at just the celebration of being able to gather again and have that sense of community and we could feel it down on the field while playing the trash cans. The second is in my student teaching placement; I helped a kid spell a word he was struggling with and I didn’t make a big deal of it like I had learned and he then told the classroom teacher that I was the nicest student teacher he’d met and she responded with “That’s Berry for you!”
What’s Next: I’m going to teach ninth grade English here at Rome High School.

Emily Hornell
Major: Management
From: Fort Worth, TX

hovis-lauren.jpgLauren Hovis
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Douglasville, GA
Mentors Include: Morgan Stansell, Dr. Gallagher and Dr. Rhodes.
Favorite Berry Memory: Most all of the KCAB events that I attended with my friends are my favorite memories from Berry. Also Marthapalooza was always fun!
What’s Next: I have accepted a position at the CDC through the ORISE program. I'll be performing diagnostics with the Rabies and Pox Virus Team.

howell-kimberlea.jpgKimberlea Howell
Major: Psychology
From: Bremen, GA
Mentors Include: All of my mentors from beginning in BCC to professors in the psychology department to working in Sports Medicine — each taught me something and mentored me in some way.
Favorite Berry Memory: The years of $1 taco nights, cook out runs, and late nights brought me some of my best friends, and that makes even a Walmart trip one of my favorite memories.
What’s Next: 
I graduated in December 2021 and began working at Willowbrooke Behavioral Health on an inpatient unit. I plan on continuing my education and becoming an LPC/therapist for mental health.

Johannah Huber
Major: Communication
Minor: Spanish
From: Altamonte Springs, FL

hulsey-william.jpgWilliam Hulsey
Major: Economics, Psychology
From: Rome, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Dexter, Dr. Larsen, Steve Litton and Mike Gable 
Favorite Berry Memory: As a Gate of Opportunity Scholar, I have had the pleasure of spending much of my college career working among these great people. Nothing could ever beat the Physical Plant luncheons or working while the whole campus was gone for the break! The sense of community Physical Plant maintains has been a joy to experience! Shout out to my HVAC Crew: Mike Gable, Steve Litton, Casey Armstrong, and Randy Cothran for the best Friday morning breakfasts!
What’s Next: Following shortly after graduation from Berry College, I have been accepted to, and will be attending Officer Candidate School for the United States Army.

hunt-kristin.jpgKristin Hunt
Major: Communication
From: Powell, TN
Sport: Women's Basketball
Mentors Include: Coach Johnson, Sam Nazione and Ronda Hancock
What’s Next: I am going to graduate school to get my master's in speech-language pathology. I will also be working as an associate wedding planner at ML Celebrating Forever located in Knoxville, Tenn.

Meghan Hunt
Major: Nursing
Minor: Spanish
From: Rome, GA
Sport: Women's Track, Outdoor, Women's Track, Indoor

hyde-mary.jpgMary Ashford Hyde
Major: Marketing
Minor: Spanish
From: Helena, AL
Mentors Include: Dr. Clark, Dr.V, Andrea Jones and Cecily Crow
Favorite Berry Memory: Spending time with friends!
What’s Next: WinShape College Program 1st and 2nd year associate

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