2022 Graduates (I-L)

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irwin-miranda.jpgMiranda Irwin
Major: Nursing
From: Trenton, GA
Mentors Include: My family, Melissa Tessin and Morgan Trocki
Favorite Berry Memory: Finishing Nursing school with my buddies
What’s Next: I have accepted a position as a nurse (RN, BSN) at Erlanger in Chattanooga, Tenn. in their Cardiac Step-Down Unit.

isherwood-noah.jpgNoah Isherwood
Major: English
Minor: Digital Storytelling
From: Newnan, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Jim Watkins, Dr. Sarah Kaufman, Dr. Anna Sharpe, Calli O’Neal, Alicia Gauker, Helen Simmons and Dean Marc Hunsaker
Favorite Berry Memory: There are so many wonderful memories to choose from, but the ultimate one is asking Faythe Choate to marry me at Victory Lake!
What’s Next: I will be pursuing a Master's in English and working in a staff position at the University of Georgia.

ishoy-ashlyn.jpgAshlyn Ishoy
Major: Nursing
Minor: German
From: Lawrenceville, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Rebecca Logan and Dr. Ashleigh Woods 
Favorite Berry Memory: Learning and having fun in the Nursing Simulation Lab
What’s Next: After graduation, I will be moving to the Rome area to work as a Registered Nurse at Atrium Health Floyd (formerly Floyd Medical Center)!

ivey-allison.jpgAllison Ivey
Major: Accounting, Finance
From: Knoxville, TN
Sport: Women's Tennis
Mentors Include: Dr. Thomas Carnes, Dean Joyce Heames, Ginger Swann, Dr. Frank Stephenson, Clay Hightower and Ian Slaughter
Favorite Berry Memory: One of my favorite Berry memories is traveling to Hilton Head with the tennis team for a spring break tournament while getting to ride bikes to the beach with my teammates.
What’s Next: I will be working in Chattanooga for Ernst & Young over the summer before heading to the University of Tennessee to receive my Master of Accountancy degree and start the process of obtaining my CPA license.

jackson-bethany.jpgBethany Jackson
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Stanford, KY
Mentors Include: Natalie (Bertram) Sawley, Dr. Flatow, Dr. Daniel, Rev. Dr. Jon Huggins and Rev. Dr. Erin Moniz
Favorite Berry Memory: So many sweet nights at common worship, but especially freshman year when they gave us fuzzy blankets and hot chocolate during finals…I was so overwhelmed with gratitude I could’ve cried.
What’s Next: Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine

jacob-stephanie.jpgStephanie Jacob
Major: Animal Science, Chemistry
From: Lawrenceville, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Gary Breton, Dr. Belinda Lady, Dr. Laura Flatow, Dr. Tabitha Cook, Dr. Alice Suroviec, Dr. Jay Daniel, Dr. Judy Wilson, Dr. Dawn Bresnahan and Brooke Sproat
Favorite Berry Memory: Hands-on experiences and knowledge gained from incredible professors in the animal science and chemistry departments, office/student (more like social) hours, spontaneous roommate adventures and late night (early morning?) conversations, meals/quality time with friends (and professors alike!), Marthapalooza and Mountain Day weekends, the 2020 snow day before COVID ripped away memories that could have been, walks around our beautiful campus with — or even without — music, countless sunrises, sunsets, and Honda Honks, many, many tears, but far more smiles and laughter — it is absolutely impossible for me to pick my favorite memory! Thank you Berry College for this and more!

jacobson-peter.jpgPeter Jacobson
Major: Physics, Mathematics
From: Marietta, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Charles Lane, Dr. Todd Timberlake, Dr. Zachary Lindsey, Dr. Nathan Herring, Dr. Ron Taylor and Dr. Garner Cochran
Favorite Berry Memory: Picking 10,000 Orbeez off the floors of McAllister
What’s Next: Attending Duke University to pursue a Ph.D. in particle physics

jarvis-braden.jpgBraden Jarvis
Major: Creative Technologies
Minor: Business Administration
From: Rock Spring, GA
Mentors Include: Zane Cochran
Favorite Berry Memory: Winning conference in Pole Vault my junior year!
What’s Next: Staying in Rome to work as a manufacturing engineer for Wire Tech LTD

jeffries-kinley.jpgKinley Jeffries
Major: Biochemistry
From: Hiram, GA
Mentors Include: Laura Taylor and Dr. Rhodes
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memory at Berry would be my freshman year Mountain Day.
What’s Next: I am planning on taking a gap year before attending graduate school.

jenkins-lilyann.jpgLily Jenkins
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry, One Health
From: Cowan, TN
Sport: Women's Track, Outdoor, Women's Track, Indoor, Women's Cross Country
Mentors Include: Dr. Hall, Paul Deaton, Dr. Mowry and Jen Ngetich
Favorite Berry Memory: On the last day of being a SOAR leader summer after my freshman year, Sara Myers and I stayed up all night setting up an elaborate month-long prank on our other SOAR leaders and then made them pancakes because we felt bad. Also, all the memories that come with being on the Cross Country team!
What’s Next: I am moving to Kodiak, Alaska, for a job in rural population healthcare and applying to medical school

johnson-brittin.jpgBrittin Johnson
Major: Nursing
From: Murphy, NC
What’s Next: Working at Erlanger Hospital in a critical care unit.

johnson-levi.jpgLevi Johnson
Major: Management
Minor: Animal Science
From: Armuchee, GA
Mentors Include: Tom Harris
Favorite Berry Memory: Driving the tractors around campus during fall break freshman year when there was no one on campus.
What’s Next: Following the Lord where ever he leads.

Michael Johnson
Major: Sports Administration
From: Acworth, GA
Sport: Men's Basketball

Vincent Johnson
Major: Animal Science, Management
Minor: Chemistry
From: Rome, GA

johnston-alice.jpgAlice Johnston
Major: Music Performance
From: Rome, GA
Mentors Include: Sean Thrower, Ruth Baker and John David
Favorite Berry Memory: Getting to see the fantastic gypsy jazz guitarist Stephane Wrembel perform was incredibly inspiring to me!
What’s Next: After graduation I will be attending Georgia State University for a masters in classical guitar performance.

Charles Jolly
Major: Chemistry
From: Port Orange, FL
Sport: Men's Golf

Grace Jordan
Major: Accounting
From: Gallatin, TN

kaszubowski-emily.jpgEmily Kaszubowski
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry, Creative Technologies
From: Altoona, WI
Mentors Include: Cecily Crow, Dr. Wilson, Dr. Knight, Dr. Flatow and Dr. Fitzpatrick
Favorite Berry Memory: I could never simply choose one memory as my favorite. From the late night drives up Stretch, numerous hiking trails, hackathons, lambing season, volunteer days and so much more, my favorite memories of Berry are times I will never forget.
What’s Next:  I will be heading back up to Wisconsin to work at a vet clinic as a veterinary assistant and applying to vet school in the fall!

keller-emily.jpgEmily Keller
Major: Communication
Minor: Psychology
From: Marietta, GA
Mentors Include: Erin Cole, Christy Slocum and Kim Field-Springer
Favorite Berry Memory: Every community week ever. Bike rides with my people. The quad. Mountain day(s). Anytime there was ice cream involved. Getting to work for Christy Slocum. Exploring friendship attic and 4th pilgrim. Playing literally anything outside. The chickens. Going to college with my brother & last but not least when the Georgia Bulldogs brought home the National Title.
What’s Next: I am headed to Nashville to serve on staff with the WinShape College Program & to pursue a masters in clinical mental health counseling at Belmont!

kelley-savannah.jpgSavannah Kelley
Major: Communication
Minor: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
From: Newton, AL

kettler-sarah.jpgSarah Kettler
Major: Early Childhood Education
Minor: Psychology, Teaching English as a Foreign Language
From: Suwanee, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Hirano, Dr. Stufft and Mr. Merriam
Favorite Berry Memory: Being with my fellow education majors. I have grown so close to them and I have made such good friendships through my major!
What’s Next: I will be a fourth grade teacher in Forsyth County, Ga. Go Jaguars!

Alexandria Kinney
Major: Management
Minor: Spanish
From: Canton, GA

kinsey-garrett.jpgGarrett Kinsey
Major: Sports Administration
Minor: Economics
From: Cornelia, GA
Sport: Football
Mentors Include: Casee Gilbert, Coach K., Debbie Hieda, Lindsay Norman and Janna Johnson
Favorite Berry Memory: Playing football with my best friends
What’s Next: Pursuing a master's program at Piedmont University in Health and Human Performance

Stephen Kise
Major: Management
From: Rome, GA

klem-savanna.jpgSavanna Klem
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Public Relations
From: Flowery Branch, GA

knight-benjamin.jpgBenjamin Joseph Knight
Major: Accounting
From: Dawson Springs, KY
Favorite Berry Memory: Playing on the tennis team where I found my best friends
I will be joining Edward Jones Investments as a financial advisor.

kobeck-heather.jpgHeather Kobeck
Major: Creative Technologies
Minor: Mathematics-Computer Science, Web Development
From: Buchanan, GA
Mentors Include: Mr. Zane Cochran, Mr. Hunter Walden, Mr. Chase Sumners and Dr. Nadeem Hamid
Favorite Berry Memory: Working the summers with BITS were some of my favorite memories at Berry. After work, my friends and I would go on hikes and go to KCAB events.
What’s Next: I am currently looking to find a job in the IT field. I’m hoping to stay in the northwest Georgia area.

Abby Lackey
Major: Early Childhood Education
From: Senoia, GA
Mentors Include: Mrs. Fiumara and Dr. Cooper 
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory has been being a part of Year of Service and getting to help the community around me.
What’s Next: I’ll be teaching a three-year-old class at the Goddard School in Peachtree City, Ga.

Jackson Lambert
Major: Management, Marketing
From: Woodstock, GA
Sport: Men's Lacrosse

lawless-emmy.jpgEmmy Lawless
Major: Nursing
From: Saint Simons Island, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Rebecca Logan and Dr. Ashleigh Woods
Favorite Berry Memory: There is no way I could possibly pick one memory as my favorite! I would have to say all the fun times in the nursing program, hanging out with my friends in Centennial, and going for long drives listening to music would have to have to be just some of my favorite moments at Berry College.
What’s Next: After I graduate from Berry College, I will be working at Southeast Georgia Health System in Brunswick, Ga., where I will carry out my dream of becoming a nurse.

lawson-hollie.jpgHollie Lawson
Tifton, GA
Mentors Include: 
Mrs. Brenda Jenkins and Dr. Ashleigh Woods
Favorite Berry Memory: 
I have so many fun and special memories at Berry that it’s hard to pick one! Some of my favorites would be going on vibe drives to mountain campus with my roommates, living in Sunshine Cottage my junior year and getting married at Frost Chapel this past December!
What’s Next: 
I am headed to Birmingham, Ala. to work as a registered nurse in the Neuro ICU at UAB Hospital!

Jack Leathers
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
From: Dallas, GA

lee-savannah.jpgSavannah Lee
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Chemistry, Psychology
From: Rochester, MN
What’s Next: Working as an ER Tech at AdventHealth Redmond before attending PA school

Dawson Lensgraf
Major: Management
From: Knoxville, TN

lester-anna.jpgAnna Lester
Major: Chemistry
From: Dallas, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Mark Turlington and Dr. Quentin Johnson
Favorite Berry Memory: Going to Dr. Timberlake’s star parties
What’s Next: I’m looking for a chemistry job in the Atlanta area. After working for a year, I plan to attend graduate school to earn my Ph.D. in chemistry.

Julia Lester
Major: Music Education
From: Richmond Hill, GA

Joseph Lewis
Major: Communication
From: Smyrna, GA
Sport: Football

lindberg-braelynn.jpgBrae Lindberg
Major: Nursing
From: Woodstock, GA
What’s Next: I’m headed to Northside Hospital Atlanta where I have accepted a position as a Labor & Delivery Nurse!

Carlie Little
Major: Communication
From: Locust Grove, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Curt Hersey, Hope Willoughby and Ryan Simmons
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory is making short films with my fellow COM majors.
What’s Next: I will be traveling and doing freelance production assistant work for the summer.

little-jasmine.jpgJasmine Little
Major: Early Childhood Education
From: Snellville, GA
What’s Next: Teaching second grade at Graves Elementary

Gabrielle Lockard
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Psychology
From: Saint Simons Island, GA
Mentors Include: Kevin Ellis and Miranda Knight
Favorite Berry Memory: Trail rides on mountain campus
What’s Next: Training and caring for dogs at The K9 Corner on St Simons Island

Jesse Locke
Major: Sociology & Anthropology, International Studies, French
From: Dover, FL

lowndes-kimberly.jpgKimberly Lowndes
Major: Dual-Degree Engineering, Applied Physics
Minor: Mathematics
From: Grayson, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Timberlake, Dr. Lane and Dr. Lindsey
Favorite Berry Memory: My friends and I would take a break from studying in the physics lounge and watch the sunset every night. Taking time out from working to be present with each other, laugh until our stomachs hurt and talk about life helped me get through long nights of physics homework. I also loved going to the star parties at the observatory on mountain campus and watching meteor showers/stargazing with my friends.
What’s Next: I'll start working as a risk control consultant for Liberty Mutual. I get to apply my physics and engineering degrees to create systems that are both efficient and safe for Liberty's clients.

Raquel Luna
Major: History
Minor: French, International Studies
From: Calhoun, GA

Marshall Lynch
Major: Biology
Minor: Environmental Science
From: Atlanta, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Martin Cipollini and Dr. Christopher Hall

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