2022 Graduates (O-R)

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Jared Ogle
Major: Nursing
From: Crawford, GA
Sport: Men's Track, Outdoor, Men's Track, Indoor

Emma O'Heron
Major: Nursing
From: Franklin, TN
Mentors Include: My parents, Dr. Nag, Dr. Logan and Ginger Swann
Favorite Berry Memory: Weekends at Berry with my best friends!
What’s Next: Signed on as an Emergency Department RN at Redmond

owens-asa.jpgAsa Owens
Major: Finance
Minor: Economics
From: Ringgold, GA
Mentors Include: Buster Wright, Lindsey Taylor, Mark Kozera and Cori Bradham 
Favorite Berry Memory: My time at Berry College was spent cultivating life-giving relationships (shout out to Brolem, Emily Cot, SGA, and Dar Young Life), growing in my faith through mentors and service, and refining my knowledge of the financial sector. Berry gave me more than I could ever give this beautiful community!
What’s Next: I will be starting in June as an associate for Homrich Berg, Atlanta's largest private wealth management firm. This will be the first step in pursuing my CFP license and working to become a wealth advisor.

oxford-skylar.jpgSkylar Oxford
Major: Psychology
Minor: Applied Behavior Analysis
From: La Fayette, GA
Sport: Women's Basketball
Mentors Include: Dr. Miguel Ampuero
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory comes from the wins I celebrated in the locker room after I won a home game with my teammates.
What’s Next: After my departure from Berry, I plan to pursue a master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Auburn University. After this, I plan to pursue a doctorate and be a professor one day, as I am inspired by my amazing professors I’ve had here at Berry College.

ozier-kendall.jpgKendall Ozier
Major: Biology
From: Whitesburg, GA
Mentors Include: My parents and Dr. Chris Mowry
Favorite Berry Memory: Some of my very favorite Berry memories are made of sunsets, bike rides, Marthapaloozas, running from the skunks and getting caught in thunderstorms on mountain campus. Exploring Berry with my best friends during a late-night snowstorm was magical and it will always be a favorite memory of mine.
What’s Next: After graduation, I will be pursuing work in wildlife biology and conservation.

Hunter Padgett
Major: Communication, Psychology
From: Jacksonville, FL

Bronson Pierce
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry, Psychology
From: Rome, GA

pierce-salley.jpgSalley Kate Pierce
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Spanish
From: Lookout Mountain, GA
Mentors Include: Ginger Swann, Josh Dollahite, Jess Howard and Hailee Park
Favorite Berry Memory: Game nights at the cottages
What’s Next: I’m working as a medical assistant at Georgia Foot & Ankle Specialists here in Rome while I apply to PA school.

prescott-benjamin.jpgBenjamin Prescott
Major: Communication
Minor: Business Administration
From: Evans, GA
Sport: Football

Christopher Pritchett
Major: Creative Writing
Minor: Political Science
From: Tallassee, AL

Folsom Proctor
Major: Marketing
Minor: Music
From: Jasper, GA

proctor-trevor.jpgTrevor Proctor
Major: Middle Grades Education
From: Lindale, GA
Sport: Baseball
Mentors Include: Dr. Mary Clement, Mrs. Joan Blackwelder and Dr. Jill Cochran
Favorite Berry Memory: While at Berry, some of the greatest memories I have include making life-long friends, serving as president for Kappa Delta Pi and being apart of the STEMTeach program.
What’s Next: After graduation, I will be heading to Coosa High School to teach math and coach high school baseball.

proels-eva.jpgEva Proels
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry, Psychology
From: Suwanee, GA
Sport: Women's Track, Outdoor, Women's Track, Indoor
Mentors Include: Dr. Paul Holcombe, Ginger Swann, Brandon Williamson and Coach Luke Syverson
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memories here at Berry typically involve the Track and Field team. I have been blessed with a great coach and wonderful teammates. Home meets are some of my favorite memories. I also have loved the relationships that I have built with friends within and outside of the team throughout my four years here.
What’s Next: I will be attending medical school at Mercer University School of Medicine this fall in Macon.

pugh-leah.jpgLeah Pugh
Major: Nursing
Minor: German
From: Birmingham, AL
Mentors Include: Russell Tyree and Dr. Naguszewski
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memories at Berry are evenings setting up a hammock in the trees and forgetting I'm on a college campus, ending the nights watching the sunset or staring at the stars on hard days.
What’s Next: Reno, Nev. as an RN at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center

quenin-lynneatte.jpgLynneatte Quenin
Major: Psychology
Minor: Business Administration
From: McDonough, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Bissonnette and Dr. Diliberto
What’s Next: A master's degree in Data Science and Analytics at Georgia State University

Patrick Quinn
Major: Economics
From: Austin, TX
Mentors Include: Amy Cornelius, Dr. Sharpe, Dr. Heller and Dr. Meehan
Favorite Berry Memory: When I found my passion for economics and declared my major after coming in undecided.

quinn-ryan.jpgRyan Quinn
Major: Creative Technologies
Minor: Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
From: Sharpsburg, GA
Sport: Football
Mentors Include: Zane Cochran, Chris Whitmire, Tony Kunczewski, Zack Smith and Nick Holeton
Favorite Berry Memory: Truthfully there are too many to pick from. All the late nights at Hackberry or the spontaneous trips and late nights with my friends. Just my time here at Berry has been my favorite memory because of all the friends I have made, all the personal and spiritual growth and all the opportunities I have had since choosing to play football here.
What’s Next: I am currently planning to head back home to Newnan, Ga., and from there I will begin my career with Delta Airlines working in their machine shop.

radford-parker.jpgParker Radford
Major: Management
Minor: Spanish
From: Valrico, FL

raikes-conner.jpgConner Raikes
Major: Economics
From: Upland, IN

Havanna Ramsdell
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry, Spanish
From: Gray, GA

ramsey-kaitlin.jpgKaitlin Ramsey
Major: Exercise Science
From: Knoxville, TN
Sport: Women's Soccer
Mentors Include: Coach Kathy Brown
Favorite Berry Memory: After taking a leave of absence in the fall of 2020, coming back to Berry the following spring allowed me to create the best relationships I could have ever asked for and I got another go at soccer. I'm so thankful that the Lord placed the unbelievable friends in my life during this time and see his faithful work in my life.
What’s Next: I will be starting my master's degree at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tenn., this month to become a physician assistant.

Ashlyn Rawson
Major: Music Education
From: Roswell, GA

reeves-oakleigh.jpgOakleigh Reeves
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
From: Rochelle, GA

reifenberger-grettie.jpgGretchen Reifenberger
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Spanish
From: Peachtree Corners, GA
Mentors Include: Cecily Crow and Dr. DeLacy Rhodes
What’s Next: I will be a camp director at Philmont Scout Ranch for the summer and then I will be moving to Madrid, Spain, to work as an au pair!

resendiz-chavez-oscar.jpgOscar Resendiz-Chavez
Major: Political Science, Religion & Philosophy
From: Chatsworth, GA
Mentors Include: Jesus Christ, Jack Heerema, Dr. Papazian, my mom, my dad, my older sister, Will Herrington and Russell Hendley
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memory at Berry would have to be winning the president race for the Student Government Association and remaining my class's president for two years. I still consider it one of my greatest accomplishments. It's a memory I always come back to when I'm down.
What’s Next: I'm going to take a job as a paralegal assistant for a year and then go into law school.

Courtney Rhea
Major: Nursing
From: Cartersville, GA
Sport: Women's Soccer

riggs-mitchell.jpgMitchell Riggs
Major: Economics
Minor: Business Administration
From: Sharpsburg, GA
Sport: Men’s Basketball, Men’s Soccer
Mentors Include: Bryon Schirner and Jake Williamson
Favorite Berry Memory: Either Casino Night sophomore year or winning the SAA tournament junior year
What’s Next: After graduating this past December, I have been working as a financial advisor at The Piedmont Group. However, entrepreneurship is at the center of my heart, I am working towards building multiple businesses.

ritchie-leanna.jpgLeanna Ritchie
Major: Psychology
Minor: Religion
From: Mountain Brook, AL
Sport: Women's Track, Outdoor, Women's Track, Indoor, Women's Cross Country
Mentors Include: Paul Deaton, Victor Morales, Ginger Swann and Victor Bissonnette
What’s Next: In the fall I am entering a master's program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Spring Arbor University in Michigan.

ritter-bethany.jpgBethany Ritter
Major: Sociology & Anthropology, Religion & Philosophy
From: Houston, TX
Mentors Include: Dr. Parker, Dr. Rowan Fannin, Rev. Dr. Erin Moniz, Dr. Allred, Kate and Ben Walker, Erin and Blake Dean
Favorite Berry Memory: Oh, there are so many to choose from! One of my favorites would have to be formation weekend last year when we spent so much time in the sunshine outside the college chapel sitting on the grass and just hanging out. Another one is Casino Night in 2020 right before the COVID shutdown. I spent the whole time at Dr. Rowan Fannin’s table and it was absolutely hilarious. Some honorable mentions would have to be dancing in the fields, hiking to the House o' Dreams and the reservoir, dance concerts, having class outside and all the many hours I spent at Swift over the last four years.
What’s Next: I will be going on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a nationwide campus ministry.

rivera-denny.jpgDenae Rivera
Major: Communication
Minor: Creative Writing, German
From: Marietta, GA
Mentors Include: All of my professors in the COM department and Dr. Anton, my German professor
Favorite Berry Memory: Any time when I was with people who truly care about me. Making memories with them, I will hold on to for years to come. From 3 a.m. Waffle House trips to walking to class with them, spending time with my friends made this experience a bit more bearable.
What’s Next: I got a position as a marketing assistant at a marketing services company back home in New York!

robinson-zoe.jpgZoe Robinson
Major: Communication, Creative Technologies
From: Cumming, GA
Mentors Include: Mr. Steven Hames, Dr. Curt Hersey, Dr. Zane Cochran, Mr. Chris Whitmire, Mrs. Hope Willoughby and Mr. Matt Delzer
Favorite Berry Memory: Anything and everything I've done at Viking Fusion
What’s Next: After graduation, I will have an internship at Trilith Studios where I will be working with another Berry student as the Head of Production intern.

rousseau-isabelle.jpgIsabelle Rousseau
Major: Finance, Accounting
Minor: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
From: Norwalk, OH
Mentors Include: Dr. Paula Englis, Dr. Matthew Levin, Dr. Thema Monroe-White, Mr. Buster Wright and Mrs. Laurie Chandler
Favorite Berry Memory: Spending quality time with my Berry family
What’s Next: Moving to North Carolina to earn a Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) at Wake Forest University!

rowan-claire.jpgClaire Rowan
Major: Early Childhood Education
Minor: Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Spanish
From: Oxford, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Hirano, Dr. Barnes and Ms. Courtney Callaway
Favorite Berry Memory: I have met my best friends, discovered my passion for education, gained invaluable experiences and enjoyed so many moments along the way. I can't choose just one memory as a favorite, but I will always cherish the conversations with friends in hammocks outside of Mac, on car rides to Mountain Campus, through many D-Hall dinners, and hours spent "studying" in Club Lib!
What’s Next: My next step will be moving to Madrid, Spain, to work as an English teacher.

rumore-anna.jpgAnna Rumore
Major: Early Childhood Education
Minor: Teaching English as a Foreign Language
From: Vestavia, AL
Sport: Women's Volleyball
Mentors Include: Caitlyn Moriarty, JT Oates and Claire Conner
What’s Next: Moving to Birmingham to begin teaching with EQUIP, a nonprofit that teaches job skills to special needs students in high school.

runner-hannah.jpgHannah Runner
Major: Theatre
Minor: Musical Theatre, Business Administration
From: Alexandria, VA
Mentors Include: Dr. Anna Filippo, David Alford, Logan Reagan, Dr. Scott Willis and Ms. Alice Bristow
Favorite Berry Memory: BCTC worker parties
What’s Next: Disney College Program

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