2022 Graduates (S)

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salisbury-anna.jpgAnna Salisbury
Major: Communication
Minor: Business Administration
From: Chattanooga, TN
Sport: Women's Soccer
Mentors Include: Ginger Swann, Aly Slade, Sylvia Howard and Jessica Howard
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite berry memory is being a part of the women’s soccer team. There is nothing that compares to joy, nerves and excitement that come with home games every year, especially celebrating the wins!
What’s Next: I will be moving back to Chattanooga to pursue my career in the public relation field!

Rowan Sandy
Major: Finance, Accounting
From: Forsyth, GA

saucier-brennan.jpgBrennan Saucier
Major: English, Secondary Education
From: Hixson, TN
Mentors Include: Dr. Eliana Hirano, Dr. Melissa Mullins, Dr. Jim Watkins, Meredith Johnson and Rev. Dr. Erin Moniz
Favorite Berry Memory: I loved seeing Lewberger my senior year! It was one of the most fun and hilarious events that KCAB put on and I will treasure the time I was able to spend with my friends that night laughing until our stomachs hurt.
What’s Next: Starting in August, I will be teaching high school English and literature at Tuscaloosa Academy in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

saunders-devin.jpgDevin Saunders
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Blairsville, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Gallagher, Dr. Bresnahan, Laurie Chandler and Michael Zirkel
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory is when I went on the first year service trip with the Bonner Scholars program to Savannah, Ga., in spring of 2019. On this trip, we got to extend our Bonner service outside of Rome, Ga.
What’s Next: I am headed to the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine to receive my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree.

saunders-emily.jpgEmily Saunders
Major: English
Minor: History, Spanish
From: Ridgewood, NJ
Mentors Include: Dr. Jim Watkins, Dr. Sarah Allred, Mr. Kevin Kleine, Dr. Sandra Monk, Jack Padgett and Dr. Anna Filippo
Favorite Berry Memory: There are so many to choose from, but my favorite memories include studying abroad in Scotland during my sophomore year with my friend from Berry; performing with the Berry College Symphony Orchestra for seven semesters; speaking at the International Sigma Tau Delta conference with my Berry friends this semester; and performing in BCTC's cabarets last year.
What’s Next: After working at an overnight camp in Tennessee this summer, I will be going to the University of Glasgow in Scotland for an MFA in Dramaturgy and Playwriting!

schaaf-anya.jpgAnya Schaaf
Major: Psychology
Minor: Family Studies, Women's and Gender Studies
From: Newnan, GA

Julia Schnader
Major: Accounting
From: Hoover, AL

schriver-austin.jpgAustin Schriver
Major: Economics
Minor: Business Administration, Religion
From: Sharpsburg, GA
Sport: Football

schumacher-patricia.jpgGrace Schumacher
Major: Management
From: Acworth, GA
Sport: Women's Track, Outdoor, Women's Track, Indoor
Mentors Include: Idris Norman
Favorite Berry Memory: Going to Stretch road at 3 a.m. with my friends to try and find ghosts my freshmen year
What’s Next: I currently work for Barnsley Gardens Resort in catering for special events and will hopefully move to Charleston to do something similar.

William Schurig
Major: Economics
From: Naples, FL

Kendall Scott
Major: Communication
From: Knoxville, TN

Jacob Seeger
Major: Finance
Minor: Economics
From: Hixson, TN
Sport: Football

Zachary Seymour
Major: Physics
Minor: Mathematics
From: Madison, GA

shanahan-taryn.jpgTaryn Shanahan
Major: Nursing
From: Bloomington, IL
Sport: Women's Swimming
Mentors Include: Dr. Naguszewski and my family
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory is being a part of the swim team for the past four years.
What’s Next: I am graduating with my BSN and will become a registered nurse. In the future, I plan to go back to school to become a nurse practitioner.

Ryley Shapiro
Major: Early Childhood Education
From: Orlando, FL
Sport: Women's Soccer

sheerin-jake.jpgJake Sheerin
Major: Finance
From: Boulder, CO
Sport: Men's Lacrosse
Mentors Include: Dr. Clark
Favorite Berry Memory: Spending time with my friends!
What’s Next: I am headed to Denver, Colo., to be a sales operations analysis for a cyber security company, Ping Identity.

shelander-mary-banks.jpgMary Banks Shelander
Major: Communication
Minor: Psychology
From: Saint Simons Island, GA
Mentors Include: Catherine Hamrick
Favorite Berry Memory: Being a SOAR leader
What’s Next: Nashville

shever-noah.jpgNoah Shever
Major: Management
Minor: Social Entrepreneurship
From: Woodstock, GA

siler-rachel.jpgRachel Siler
Major: Communication
From: Adel, GA
Mentors Include: Steven Hames, Hope Willoughby and Matt Delzer
Favorite Berry Memory: The first is competing in Viking Fusion's 48 hour film challenge my freshman year. The film we submitted ended up becoming the series that I worked on at Fusion my entire college career. I've been so happy and proud of the work I did for that series. The second is becoming the Georgia Intercollegiate Forensics Association (GIFA) State Champion in 2020 for Dramatic Interpretation my sophomore year. Seeing all of my hard work pay off was amazing.
What’s Next: After graduation, I plan on moving to Atlanta and working in the film industry. I'm hoping for a job as a video editor, but would love to be a production assistant as well.

Carlee Silvers
Major: Accounting
From: Cartersville, GA

Jaycie Simpson
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry, Business Administration
From: Newell, AL

slack-amari.jpgAmari Slack
Major: Finance, Accounting
From: Newnan, GA

slaughter-janson.jpgJanson Slaughter
Major: Religion & Philosophy, Psychology
From: Rome, GA
Mentors Include: Derek Kopp and Dr. Rowan Fannin 
Favorite Berry Memory: I think that it is impossible to capture a single favorite memory from my time at Berry — there are just too many! I will say that all of my favorite memories have been spent with the people that I love and care for deeply — my Pilgrim brothers, the WinShape community, Common Worship and so many others. Most of my favorite memories have typically been unplanned and spontaneous, which has taught me to live in the moment!!
What’s Next: I am headed to Orlando, Fla., to work for the WinShape College Program at UCF after graduation! I am also getting married to the love of my life in the fall!

sloan-david.jpgDavid Sloan
Major: Exercise Science
From: Dunwoody, GA
Mentors Include: Coach K, Rick Gilbert and Colin Duling
Favorite Berry Memory: Making friends on my freshman hall that became my friends for the entire time I was at Berry. Also, winning back-to-back softball intramural championships.
What’s Next: I am becoming a college football coach.

smith-ansley.jpgAnsley Smith
Major: Nursing
From: Ball Ground, GA
Mentors Include: Kim Smith, Caroline Russell, Jessica Stricklen, Dr. Naguszewski, Amanda Caito and Sam Clay Council
Favorite Berry Memory: I loved the nights hanging out with my friends when we would watch movies, laugh, grab dinner and not worry about anything. My sophomore year, when COVID shut everything down, my roommate Emily Keller and I drove to Lisa Bemis's house in Florida and had such a good time. We went down there during our virtual finals week and it made it so fun.
What’s Next: I will be getting married in June to Jacob Chrzanowski and starting a nurse residency program at Northside Forysth Labor and Delivery!

John Smith
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
From: Atlanta, GA

Joshua Bain Smith
Major: Mathematics, Secondary Education
From: Summerville, GA
Mentors Include: Mrs. Joan Blackwelder and Dr. Jill Cochran
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory is spending time with my STEMTeach family at STEMTeach mentor days.
What’s Next: I will be teaching high school math and coaching basketball at Haralson County High School.

smith-madelyn.jpgMadelyn Smith
Major: Exercise Science
From: Menlo, GA

Alyssa Snodgrass
Major: Early Childhood Education
From: Adairsville, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Stufft
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memory would be playing the piano in Frost Chapel after taking my exams. Going up there and enjoying the views has really helped my college career.
What’s Next: I have a job teaching third grade English at Main Elementary. Additionally, they will be helping me go through a master's program.

Brandon Spencer
Major: Communication
Minor: Spanish, Chemistry
From: Rome, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Sipocz, Dr. Barnes and Dr. Carroll
What’s Next: Internship in Tokyo, Japan. Working for a media company until the end of the year. I'm also hoping to teach abroad in Barcelona, Spain, starting next year.

splichal-elliana.jpgElliana Splichal
Major: Nursing
From: Bishop, GA
Sport: Equestrian
Mentors Include: Coach Ellington, Coach Kimberly Wallace and Steve Litton
Favorite Berry Memory: It would be simply unfair to reduce my Berry experience to just one memory. There have been so many memories, good and bad, that have made Berry my home. However, one quintessential Berry memory that comes into mind was one night freshman year. A group of me and some friends made an impromptu decision to take a night hike to the reservoir with windows down and music blaring. We drove down mountain and made the treck to Taco Bell, where we happily munched down on some infamous one dollar tacos. It was a moment of pure joy and one memory that I'm never going to forget.
What’s Next: After graduation, I am moving to Austin, Texas, having accepted a job there as an ER nurse at a level-two trauma center.

sprayberry-madeline.jpgMadeline Sprayberry
Major: Spanish, Secondary Education
Minor: Teaching English as a Foreign Language
From: Watkinsville, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Eliana Hirano and Dr. Julee Tate and Mrs. Pamela Bissonnette
What’s Next: I will teach Spanish at Pinckneyville Middle School in Gwinnett County.

Trinity Staats
Major: Psychology
Minor: Creative Writing, Applied Behavior Analysis
From: Forest Park, GA

Michaela Stansberry
Major: Creative Writing
Minor: Applied Behavior Analysis
From: Mount Berry, GA

Noah Steiner
Major: Accounting
From: Huntersville, NC
Sport: Men's Lacrosse

stembel-stahr.jpgStahr Stembel
Major: Psychology, Religion & Philosophy
Minor: Applied Behavior Analysis
From: Tucker, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Jordan Rowan Fannin, Ms. Cecily Crow and Dr. Casey Dexter
Favorite Berry Memory: This is an incredibly difficult question to answer. One of my favorite Berry memories was hiking to the Res on my birthday junior year. There were 6 friends with me and we ate a picnic at the Old Mill and then hiked to Res and hung out in the sun. This might seem small, or something many people do, but this day and these friends mean the world to me. Berry has gifted me lifelong friendships and I will forever be grateful for the memories made here.
What’s Next: I am headed to Greensboro, N.C., to participate in The Fellows Initiative! TFI is a 9-month holistic program where I will be involved in a church community, live with a host family, take seminary classes, work in the city, and learn about discipleship and leadership development with 8-12 other Fellows.

Jeffrey Stephens
Major: Creative Technologies
Minor: Mathematics-Computer Science, Web Development
From: Lagrange, GA

Tyler Stephenson
Major: Biochemistry
From: Cleveland, TN
Sport: Men's Swimming

stevens-alyssa.jpgAlyssa Stevens
Major: Communication
Minor: Business Administration
From: Lexington, SC
Mentors Include: My parents, Dr. Sam Nazione, Jennifer Wright, Courtney Pittman and Bill Fortenberry
Favorite Berry Memory: All of the fun and unique Berry events like Marthapalooza, the rodeo and Casino Night.
What’s Next: I will be moving to Nashville, Tenn., to pursue a career in Digital Marketing.

Haley Stewart
Major: Psychology
Minor: Family Studies
From: Rome, GA
Sport: Women's Soccer

Benjamin Stilwell
Major: Finance
From: Lizella, GA

Caitlin Strickland
Major: Biology
Minor: Psychology
From: Canton, GA

stryker-katrina.jpgKatrina Stryker
Major: Early Childhood Education
Minor: Teaching English as a Foreign Language
From: Wilmore, KY
Mentors Include: Dr. Eliana Hirano, Kimberly Bergin and Jessica Stricklen
What’s Next: I will be moving back home to Lexington, Ky., to pursue an elementary teaching job at the school district I grew up in!

studstill-anthony.jpgAnthony Studstill
Major: Religion & Philosophy
Minor: Music, Business Administration
From: Abbeville, GA

Chase Sumners
Major: Creative Technologies
Minor: Web Development, Business Administration
From: White, GA

swan-leah.jpgLeah Swan
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Hendersonville, TN
Mentors Include: All of my professors
Favorite Berry Memory: Going to casino night
What’s Next: I am going to work at the Nashville Zoo this summer while I finish applying to vet school.

swann-kaitlyn.jpgKaitLyn Swann
Major: Nursing
From: Aragon, GA
Mentors Include: Natalie Tracy, Ashleigh Woods, Tanya Naguszewski, Rebecca Logan
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory was making some new and forever friends through the Berry Nursing Program. We all struggled and cried together, but we also laughed and made progress together. I had great professors as mentors who never failed to push me to succeed.
What’s Next: After graduation, I will be pursuing a Registered Nurse position at AdventHealth Redmond here in Rome.

swett-raymond.jpgRaymond Swett
Major: Sports Administration, Marketing
From: Gainesville, GA
Sport: Baseball

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