2022 Graduates (T-Z)

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Ariel Taylor
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
From: Albany, GA

Grace Taylor
Major: Nursing
From: Knoxville, TN

teague-halle.jpgHalle Teague
Major: Communication
Minor: Creative Technologies
From: Van Wyck, SC
Sport: Equestrian
Mentors Include: David Alford, Christopher Whitmire, Dr. Curt Hersey, Scott Simpson and the entire team at the Berry College Carpentry Shop and Physical Plant
Favorite Berry Memory: Among my favorite memories is performing in the first ever Interactive Cyber Theatre production, For Better or For Worse, in Spring 2021 with the Berry College Theatre Company. This was a brand new type of theater developed by David Alford. It combined long-form, immersive improvisation with live audience input via online polls. The results of the polls were transmitted by our technical team to the performers in real time via earpieces, and the performers would incorporate the audience's decisions into the events onstage, meaning the audiences had a profound impact on the outcome of the show. Being a part of the collaborative team that came together to develop the idea, write the story, perfect the technology and eventually put on the full show was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I will never forget.
What’s Next: After graduation, I will be heading to Granby, Colo., where I will be employed as a Wrangler at C Lazy U Ranch for the 2022 summer season. I will be leading guests on scenic horseback rides in the Rocky Mountains and helping to work with the large herd of horses managed by the ranch.

Denver Teems
Major: Applied Physics, Mathematics
From: Rome, GA

tegnama-solim.jpgSolim Tegnama
Major: Chemistry
From: Augusta, GA

tew-charles.jpgCharles Tew
Major: Finance, Accounting
From: Hoover, AL

tew-lexi.jpgLexi Tew
Major: Psychology
From: Cartersville, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Hughes 
Favorite Berry Memory: Working at Berry over the summer was a great time to enjoy the campus. It was a great opportunity to spend time with friends and to develop deeper relationships with my co-workers.
What’s Next: I will be pursuing a master's degree in social work.

Devon Thomas
Major: Environmental Science
Minor: Geology
From: Cartersville, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Tamie Jovanelly
What’s Next: I am planning on getting a job as an environmental planner.

thomason-madison.jpgMadison Thomason
Major: Nursing
From: Dallas, GA
Mentors Include: Mrs. Tessin
Favorite Berry Memory: Meeting and making lifelong friendships with some of my favorite people!
What’s Next: I have accepted an RN position in the ICU at Tanner Medical Center.

thompson-ansley.jpgAnsley Thompson
Major: Management, Marketing
From: Rome, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Melissa Clark and Michele Holder

thompson-heather.jpgHeather Thompson
Major: English, Secondary Education
Minor: Teaching English as a Foreign Language
From: Suwanee, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Bucher, Dr. Stufft, Dr. Strickland, Dr. Clement, Dr. Mullins and Dr. Ellen Brewer

thompson-sarah.jpgSarah Thompson
Major: Biology
Minor: Creative Technologies
From: Peachtree City, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Mowry, Dr. Conn and Professor Chris Whitmire
Favorite Berry Memory: Making a movie blanket fort in Lemley 323
What’s Next: I will be spending my summer in Oslo, Norway, serving as a representative of the Georgia Rotary districts.

Camryn Tidsworth
Major: Environmental Studies, Sociology & Anthropology
From: Chapin, SC

titley-grace.jpgGrace Titley
Major: Environmental Science
Minor: Biology
From: Winston Salem, NC
Mentors Include: Dr. Taylor, Amanda Parker and Ella
Favorite Berry Memory: I have really had such a great time this past year living with my roommates and getting up to shenanigans with them.
What’s Next: I plan to head to Asheville and work in the conservation field.

toussaint-leah.jpgLeah Toussaint
Major: Theatre
Minor: Psychology
From: Oxford, GA
Mentors Include: Logan Reagan 
Favorite Berry Memory: I love to look back on the long night drives that I've taken with any of my friends. The best times are normally cool nights with the music blaring and everyone in the car making jokes to keep us all laughing. My first night at Berry I remember a drive to Mountain Campus with a group of friends. We parked somewhere, looked up and saw the brightest batch of stars I've ever seen. I haven't seen a similar night sky since.
What’s Next: Atlanta in pursuit of theatre and film opportunities.

Matthew Trapp
Major: Physics
From: Silver Creek, GA

treon-emily.jpgEmily Treon
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry, Business Administration
From: Brooks, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Peters, Dr. Flatow, Dr. Bresnahan and Daniel Payne
Favorite Berry Memory: Wearing blue at the Grand March during my senior Mountain Day!
What’s Next: Attending West Virginia University in the fall to obtain a Master of Science in Animal Physiology

triggs-isabella.jpgIsabella Triggs
Major: Sociology & Anthropology, Spanish
From: Sharpsburg, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. McConkey, Dr. Allred, Dr. Llorente and Karen DiRuggiero
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory is hanging out with my friends at events such as the finals fest fireworks last year and marthapalooza.
What’s Next: After graduation, I am moving back to my hometown to pursue a career in the social work field.

Graham Troiani
Major: Theatre
Minor: Business Administration
From: Alpharetta, GA

Kayley Ulmer
Major: English, History
From: Alpharetta, GA

Juan Valencia
Major: Management
From: Canton, GA

van-kley-arianna.jpgArianna Van Kley
Major: Sociology & Anthropology, History
From: Columbus, GA

van-rengen-faith.jpgFaith Van Rengen
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Clarks Hill, SC
Sport: Women's Tennis
Mentors Include: Kevin Renshler, Laura Flatow and Judith Wilson
Favorite Berry Memory: Being on the women's tennis team for 3 years, becoming General Manager of Blue Hen Eggs, and being Victor the Viking on Mountain Day 2021!
What’s Next: I'm headed to St. George's University School of Veterinary Medicine!

Sarah Vest
Major: Economics
Minor: Creative Writing, Business Administration
From: Maryville, TN

visser-colleen.jpgColleen Visser
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Biology
From: Eagleville, PA

von-thron-mary.jpgMary Von Thron
Major: Communication
From: Neptune Beach, FL
Mentors Include: Kevin Kleine, Dr. Anna Filippo, Rachel McLucas, Helen Simmons, Laura Miller, Lindsey Norman and Lindsey Taylor
Favorite Berry Memory: There are too many to choose from! However, if I had to pick I’d say sophomore year spring formal!
What’s Next: Working at the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace as a tour guide and program assistant

Stephen Votapek
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Psychology
From: Naples, FL
Sport: Men's Soccer

wagner-kerrington.jpgKerrington Wagner
Major: Management
From: Summerville, GA

walker-khalil.jpgKhalil Walker
Major: Sports Administration
Minor: Business Administration
From: Marietta, GA
Sport: Football
Mentors Include: Derrell Mims
Favorite Berry Memory: Winning two conference championships as a member of the football team
What’s Next: I’ll be headed into the world of sports, hopefully in an athletics program at the college level.

wall-caroline.jpgCaroline Wall
Major: Communication
Minor: French
From: Lawrenceville, GA

wallace-james.jpgJames Wallace
Major: Political Science
From: Winter Park, FL

walston-lily.jpgLily Walston
Major: Early Childhood Education
Minor: Psychology
From: La Fayette, GA
Mentors Include: Mr. Lewis Byrne, Dr. Jacqueline McDowell and Dr. Carolyn Stufft
Favorite Berry Memory: Being part of the Teacher Education program and spending most of my time with the ladies in my cohort!
What’s Next: Headed to LaFayette, Ga., to be a full-time kindergarten teacher!

William Warbington
Auburn, GA

warner-samantha.jpgSamantha Warner
Major: Communication
From: Rome, GA

washington-raven.jpgRaven Washington
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Huntsville, AL
Sport: Women's Basketball
Mentors Include: Coach Thomas Johnson, Coach Destiny Frazier, Mrs. Ronda Hancock, Dr. Angel Mason, Dr. Laura Flatow, Dr. Miranda Knight, Dr. Zachary Lindsey, Dr. Brian Carroll, Dr. Sarah Kaufman, Dr. Anna Sharpe and Kinsey Farmer
Favorite Berry Memory: Traveling to NYC with my team, casino night, finals fest, Lettie Pate events, working in the ASC, trips to cookout, Zumba and so many more! I found my sense of community and family at Berry, so I can’t wait to keep growing the friendships I’ve made.
What’s Next: I’ll be attending the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine starting this fall.

watson-lily.jpgLily Watson
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Teaching English as a Foreign Language
From: Rome, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Karen Kurz
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory is getting to live with some of my great friends my senior year!
What’s Next: I will be headed to Knoxville, Tenn., to be a full-time Elementary Education teacher.

watson-sydney.jpgSydney Kate Watson
Major: Communication
From: New Hope, AL
Mentors Include: The Communications Department, Dr. Thomas Kennedy, Dr. Lucia Llorente and Hannah Stuart
Favorite Berry Memory: Memories of late-night ice cream runs, drives to Mountain Campus and hours in the library fill my mind. I have a million memories with the people who will be my very best friends for life; there is no way I could choose just one of those. Besides people, my favorite Berry memories are early morning walks across campus. Through the fog, dew, sunrise, bird songs and the multitude of deer, there is nothing like beginning the day by breathing in nature and taking a moment to be mindful.
What’s Next: I'm taking a gap year to explore my options!

weaver-rebecca.jpgRebecca Weaver
Major: Animal Science
From: Lawrenceville, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Wilson, Lydia Gordon, Cecily Crow, Christy and David Slocum
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory would have to be going to New Orleans with some of my friends in March 2020 before COVID hit.
What’s Next: I am moving back home to get a job.

wegienka-chloe.jpgChloe Wegienka
Major: Biology, Secondary Education
From: Lagrange, GA
Sport: Women's Golf
Mentors Include: Coach Brian Farrer, Cecily Crow, Robina Gallagher, Jill Cochran and Joan Blackwelder
Favorite Berry Memory: My time at Berry is something that cannot be replaced and I am crying just thinking about all the good times, incredible people and life changing experiences I've had. The Berry Women's Golf team has been my family since the first day I was at Berry. I cannot pick a favorite tournament, but each tournament was filled with so many funny moments and beautiful views. One of my favorite golf memories was the moment I stepped foot at a tournament after COVID. I wasn't sure we'd ever get to play in another tournament during my time here. Everything was so uncertain, but there was something so heartwarming about putting on a Berry golf shirt and getting to represent this school just one more time. It really put into perspective just how privileged I am to get to travel the country playing beautiful courses representing some of my favorite people.
What’s Next: I will be teaching science at Northside High School in Columbus, Ga.

wegner-natalie.jpgNatalie Wegner
Major: Marketing
From: Carrollton, GA
Mentors Include: Michael McElveen and Dr. Clark
Favorite Berry Memory: Freshmen year we pranked the guys dorm at Pilgrim and they decided to get their revenge by completely drenching our hall in a cloud of Axe body spray and proceeding to massacre us with water guns. A memory and scent that will forever live on!
What’s Next: I have accepted a position with the Chick-Fil-A Leadership Launch Program and look forward to this next chapter of my life.

weitkamp-jake.jpgJacob Weitkamp
Major: Economics
Minor: Business Administration
From: Woodstock, GA
Sport: Football
Mentors Include: Coach Tony Kunczewski, Coach Zack Smith, Dr. Brian Meehan, Dr. Jamie Sharpe, Dr. Frank Stephenson, and Mr. Rick Gilbert.
Favorite Berry Memory: Playing on Berry's football team and spending time with my buddies after the games.
What’s Next: Coming back to Berry for graduate school and to play some more football!

wheelen-eileen.jpgEileen Wheelen
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Psychology, Chemistry
From: Wellington, FL
Mentors Include: Dr. Poole, Dr. Washington and Dr. Cook
Favorite Berry Memory: Teaching Zumba and Spin
What’s Next: After graduation, I am attending Emory University to earn my Master of Nursing degree. I will be working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor during this time and start my business as a gym owner. After I complete my Master’s degree, I will return to school and attend a Doctorate of Nursing Anesthesia program and continue my career as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

Robin Whitehead
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Cordova, TN

Abigail Whitlock
Major: Exercise Science
From: Waleska, GA

whitmer-charlotte.jpgCharlotte Whitmer
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry, Biology
From: Peachtree Corners, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Miranda Knight and Dr. Flatow 
Favorite Berry Memory: I would say my favorite Berry memory is being able to meet all my classmates in my BCC 100 class. I am still friends with my peers from that class and being able to grow with them at Berry over the past three years has allowed me to feel at home. I will forever cherish the memories I have made with my peers in that class and others I have met at Berry.
What’s Next: After graduation, I will be attending Auburn University's Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine program. I am unsure what I would like to practice at the moment but I know that once I start vet school I will have tons of options to choose from.

whitzel-savannah.jpgSavannah Whitzel
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Biology
From: Tuscaloosa, AL
Mentors Include: Dr. Mark Turlington, Dr. Belinda Lady and Dr. Lauren Heller
Favorite Berry Memory: Going on monthly picnics with my boyfriend (at the time) and being brought back to that very place on Mountain to be proposed to!
What’s Next: I am super excited to attend a medical school interview with VCOM.

widmann-pearl.jpgPearl Widmann
Major: Nursing
From: Peachtree Corners, GA
Mentors Include: My mom and Diane Pitts (Godmother)
Favorite Berry Memory: Some of the best memories I have at Berry are from when I was caught up, having a busy day and looked up to see the orange and pink sky as the sun set. There's something very comfortable and homey about being outside at Berry with friends (and cows). The sunsets have been one of the highlights of my college career, enabling me to enjoy the outside.
What’s Next: I have accepted a position at Northside Hospital on the cardiac floor as a nurse!

Peyton Wilbanks
Major: Creative Technologies
From: Waleska, GA

wilkes-savanna.jpgSavanna Wilkes
Major: Nursing
From: Rossville, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Logan, Dr. Woods, Ms. Tracy and Dr. Hanson
Favorite Berry Memory: Playing in the pit for BCTC's Dogfight, getting accepted into nursing school, and making forever friends!
What’s Next:  I will be working at Children's Hospital at Erlanger in their Nurse Residency Program.

wilkinson-matthew.jpgMatthew Wilkinson
Major: Environmental Science
Minor: Psychology, Economics
From: Marietta, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Zachary Taylor, Dr. Tamie Jovanelly and Dr. Jessica Sutton
Favorite Berry Memory: Working at the House o' Dreams and being able to look over Berry's campus each week.
What’s Next: I will be moving back to Marietta, Ga., and plan to work in the natural resources/environmental consulting field.

Brian Williams
Major: Sports Administration
Minor: History, Digital Storytelling
From: Atlantic Beach, FL

Kyle Williams
Major: Management, Marketing
From: Rome, GA

Rylan Williams
Major: Environmental Science
From: Newnan, GA

Colton Wilson
Major: Middle Grades Education
From: Lebanon, TN

wilson-jordan.jpgJordan Wilson
Major: Sports Administration
Minor: Family Studies
From: Dallas, GA
Sport: Men's Track, Outdoor, Men's Track, Indoor, Football
Mentors Include: Tony Kunczewski, Nate Masters, Clayton Swint, Melissa Little, Umbrah Brown and Mike Owens
Favorite Berry Memory: My third conference championship during the peak of covid
What’s Next: Pursuing my masters at Berry College

Kelvin Wilson
Major: Biology
Minor: Psychology
From: Chattanooga, TN

Thomas Wilson
Major: Management
From: Atlanta, GA

Abigail Wiseman
Major: Biology
Minor: Spanish, Animal Science
From: Aiken, SC

wismer-makenzie.jpgMakenzie Wismer
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Psychology
From: Sugar Hill, GA
Mentors Include: Kat Duncanson and Sam Echols
Favorite Berry Memory: Working on the side lines of football games as a member of the Sports Medicine department
What’s Next: Headed to PT School next year

wisted-madison.jpgMadison Wisted
Major: Nursing
From: Woodstock, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Woods and Mrs. Gilliland
Favorite Berry Memory: Getting to room with my best friends and go on late night drives
What’s Next: I will be working as a registered nurse in the Medical ICU at Emory University Hospital Midtown!

Janson Witcher
Major: Exercise Science
From: Weaverville, NC
Sport: Men's Soccer

yancey-anna.jpgAnna Yancey
Major: Nursing
From: Knoxville, TN
Mentors Include: Suzanne Yancey and Sam Council
Favorite Berry Memory: Anything I ever did outside
What’s Next: I will be working as a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department in Knoxville, Tenn.

yonce-sarah.jpgSarah Yonce
Major: Psychology
Minor: Applied Behavior Analysis, Family Studies
From: Milledgeville, GA
Mentors Include: Tanner Pickett, Dr. Ratkos, Dixie Norman, Dr. Hughes and Dr. Dexter
Favorite Berry Memory: Driving around mountain campus with my friends listening to music and having fun
What’s Next: I am currently working as a home health aide and will attend USC for my MSW.

young-bohdi.jpgBohden Young
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Business Administration
From: Buford, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Breton, Dr. Mingone and Jessica Howard
Favorite Berry Memory: It’s hard to pick just one, but I would have to say the summers I got to spend at Berry being a Gate Scholar. The summer after COVID broke out, everyone just wanted to be around people and it was so nice to see the faces of people I loved again! We made some amazing memories that summer!
What’s Next: I’ll be looking for a job during my gap year as I prepare to head to dental school the following year.

zampatti-avery.jpgAvery Zampatti
Major: Psychology
Minor: Applied Behavior Analysis
From: Acworth, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Michelle Haney and Dr. Miguel Ampuero
Favorite Berry Memory: The times I spent with my friends in Delight Ministries and also engaging in the mountain day Olympics!
What’s Next: I will start working at a behavioral center called UniquelyU in Kennesaw, Ga., to work towards getting my supervision for my BCABA.

zeh-carli.jpgCarli Zeh
Major: Early Childhood Education
From: Chattanooga, TN
Sport: Women's Basketball
Mentors Include: Dr. Cochran, Dr.Pu, Coach Johnson and Dixie Norman
Favorite Berry Memory: Casino Night
What’s Next: I am heading back home to Chattanooga Tn, to be a first grade teacher.

zhu-michael.jpgMichael Zhu
Major: Psychology, Creative Technologies
From: Tallahassee, FL
Sport: Football
Mentors Include: Zane Cochran, Chris Whitmore and Aubrey McFayden
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memory at Berry was meeting so many new friends and sharing those experiences with them.
What’s Next: After college I will be heading to Denver, Colo. to work at Silicon Mountain Technologies as a UX designer. After that I plan on living in a van and traveling around the US.

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