Educational Activities

With a 27,000-acre outdoor laboratory classroom at their disposal, faculty of Berry College and the Berry Elementary School (located on campus) have found opportunities to utilize this valuable resource in the courses they teach. Occasionally, teachers at area schools bring classes to campus for outdoor classroom study.


Most of the land is managed for timber and geological resources, and also for wildlife management. Agricultural lands comprise approximately 2,000 acres for beef and dairy cattle, horses, and hayfields. Other geographical features include Appalachian foothills and sandstone ridges, rivers, creeks, streams and ponds, a water reservoir, and forested areas, ranging in elevation from 200 meters in the valley to 550 meters atop Lavendar Mountain.

Science Education

Berry’s 27,000-acre outdoor laboratory has been utilized for instruction and enrichment by Berry faculty and instructors from local schools. If you wish to find a faculty contact to learn more about their experiences with using land resources as an educational tool, write to and provide your name and contact information. If you are a teacher and wish to bring students to Berry for a particular project or lesson, you are requested to register your intent.

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