Eagle Updates


June 3, 2024

As you can see from the grass growing, the eagles are on vacation for the summer! They may pop in here and there, and if they do we'll let you know.

Repairs to the cameras will be made sometime in the near future.

eagle-update-04112024.jpgApril 11, 2024

We are sad to report that B17 has died overnight. Though it had been doing well, it appeared to be in some distress yesterday and things took a quick turn for the worse overnight. It is very important now that we do what is best for the eagles and not interfere with the nest.

eagle-cam-03252024.jpgMarch 25, 2024

B17 has arrived! Hatch appears to have been around 8:30 am on 3/25.

infared view of eagle and two eggs in a nest.jpgFebruary 24, 2024

We have a second egg in this second clutch! Egg #2 arrived on 2/20 at 8:05 pm.

eagle standing over an egg in a nestFebruary 19, 2024

For the first time, the Berry eagles have laid a second clutch of eggs! Egg #1 of this second clutch was laid 2/17 at 7:11pm EST.

two eagles in a nestJanuary 22, 2024

We are saddened to announce that on Saturday both eggs were revealed to have collapsed. There was no sign of any real contents, so the presumption is that this season's eggs were never viable. You may see the remains of a shell on the rails of the nest.

eagle in the nestDecember 12, 2023

Egg #2 has arrived! It made its appearance yesterday, 12/11, at 9:00pm.

two dogs watching the eagle cam on a tvDecember 8, 2023

Happy Monday—we have this season's first egg! Egg #1 was laid Friday, 12/8 at 6:10pm.

03.25.2023-update.pngMarch 25, 2023

B16 branched for the first time Saturday, the 25th at around 5pm!  

03.09.2023-update.pngMarch 9, 2023

B16 is getting very good practice being an adult eagle. 


March 7, 2023

B16 is learning to mantle over this morning's meal. 

03.04.2023-update.jpgMarch 4, 2023

B16 is now 6 weeks old! They are approximately 3/4 of full adult weight! 

03.03.2023-update.jpgMarch 3, 2023

The nest tree survived strong storms on campus! 

02.28.2023-update.jpgFebruary 28, 2023

B16 is now preening all the time, working on their balance while sitting up in the nest, and stretching out and flapping their wings. 

02.18.2023-update.jpgFebruary 18, 2023

B16 is now 4 weeks old and weighs approximately 5 pounds! 

02.04.2023-update.jpgFebruary 4, 2023

Eaglet B16 is 2 weeks old today! 

eaglecam-Screenshot-2023-01-23-at-9.43.26-AM.jpgJanuary 23, 2023

B16 has arrived! This season’s first eaglet hatched on Saturday, January 21st and was fully out of the shell around 5:38pm.

update-12.22.2022.jpgDecember 22, 2022

Egg #2 arrived on 12/16 at 12:54pm! And now we wait.

12.13.2022-update.jpgDecember 13, 2022

We can officially kick off nesting season—egg #1 was laid this morning, 12/13, at 9:50 a.m.!


December 8, 2022

Happy eagle season, eagle watchers! It's December, which means that we are on egg watch.

While eggs were laid early last year, on 12/5 and 12/8, we are still waiting to see our first egg appearance of the 2022 season! Stay tuned—we'll update you ASAP.

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