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Berry College Elementary & Middle School is a private, tuition-based laboratory school under the governance of Berry College’s Charter School of Education and Human Sciences. Accredited by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and GAC (Georgia Accrediting Commission), member of GISA (Georgia Independent School Association) and IALS (International Association of Laboratory Schools), BCEMS combines the remarkable resources of Berry College with talented faculty and staff to provide an outstanding example of best practices for education. The result is a thriving community of learners including kindergarten through eighth grade students, the undergraduate and graduate college students who come to observe and practice teaching, and the faculty and administrators.

Following an outstanding accreditation report in early 2019, as a laboratory school and teaching site for future educators, Berry College Elementary & Middle School “is at the forefront of private K-8 education.” BCEMS is an integral part of preparing future teachers by providing children, Berry College, and the community with a model of a safe, child-centered learning environment in which students fully develop their potential through a curriculum designed to magnify the education of the head, heart and hands. BCEMS is honored to be recognized as providing an “unparalleled opportunity” for the children of this community. 

Contact Information

Berry College Elementary & Middle School
P.O. Box 490247
Mount Berry, Georgia

BCEMS School Office


Lori Frederick

Director of Admissions
Lynne Reilly

Office Manager
Joan McPherson-Blose

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