Current Exhibits

The following exhibits are currently on display in the Archives. Have a suggestion for a future exhibit? Contact the Archives. Learn about our Past Exhibits.

Exhibit 02Memorial Library – Celebrating 90 Years of Service

During the early days of the Berry Schools, libraries were located in rooms in various buildings. With the financial support provided by Mr. Walter and Mrs. Kate Macy Ladd, Martha Berry’s dream of a library building for the Berry Schools came to fruition in October 1926. The Memorial Library has been renovated and expanded over the decades and continues to grow to meet the ever-changing needs of the Berry community. Over the years, the Memorial Library has been an educational and social center on campus and an essential part of the Berry College environment.

OYC exhibitOlympic Youth Camp: A Cultural Exchange

In July 1996, in concert with the Atlanta Olympic Games, young people from around world convened at Berry College to participate in the official Olympic Youth Camp. This unique event, featuring 458 campers representing over 150 nations, comprised a festival of cultural exchange and Olympic spirit that transformed the Berry College campus.  Throughout the gathering, participants shared not only in sport, but in dance, drama, art, and an array of Olympic-themed workshops.  In this 20th anniversary year, we invite you to learn more about Berry’s Olympic moment.