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Our Identity

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Tools You Can Use

We’ve made a suite of easily downloadable tools and instructions available for the campus community as you communicate about Berry. Permission for their use by any individual, company or organization outside of Berry College must be obtained by contacting creativedirector@berry.edu. Please refer to the Berry Identity Standards for information about approved use and applications of the college’s logos.

Logo / Crestmark

Hiding in plain sight, the Crest and the “B” have been with us all along. The Crest is a refinement of our college shield’s contour. The “B” was inspired by the hand-carved letterforms found on campus. It is made more contemporary by pairing it with a clean, straightforward, sans-serif wordmark. The Crestmark is intended to be used to represent the college as a whole.

Consistent application of the Berry identity helps strengthen the Berry brand. We encourage you to seek the guidance of the Office of Marketing and Communications for projects that help promote your college-related projects. Berry Identity Standards also provide further more information about approved use and applications of the college’s logos.

Downloadable Logos with Instructions | Logo Q&A


Color is one of the most recognizable aspects of our identity. It must be used correctly and consistently to ensure cohesion. Berry Blue, Berry Bright Blue, and Berry Silver form our primary palette.

Pantone 281
(Berry Blue)

CMYK: 100/85/5/36
RGB: 0/32/91
HEX: #00205B

Pantone Process Blue
(Berry Bright Blue)

CMYK: 100/13/1/2
RGB: 0/133/202
HEX: #0085CA

Pantone 429
(Berry Silver)

CMYK: 21/11/9/23
RGB: 162/170/173

Pantone 137

CMYK: 0/41/100/0
RGB: 255/163/0
HEX: #FFA300

Pantone 485

CMYK: 0/95/100/0

PowerPoint Templates

These downloadable templates are available for two screen formats. Please note that you cannot import these templates into existing PowerPoint decks.

Standard Format | Widescreen Format

Templates for Digital Letterhead

Electronic templates of the college letterhead have been created in Microsoft Word. These templates are available for the express purpose of digitally composing and transmitting a letter on official college letterhead, and may not be used to print supplies of letterhead. All printed stationery must be ordered from the Bennett Graphics online store.

You will need to download this file and unzip it on your machine to access the letterhead templates. Then just type over the in-position type to create your personalized version.

Download the ZIP File

Email Signatures

  1. Download the version of the Berry logo below you would like to use for your email signature (Right click and choose SAVE IMAGE AS).

    Crestmark_LightBlue.png     Crestmark_DarkBlue.png
  2. Download this Word document that contains the signature configuration and instructions for Outlook on Windows, Outlook on Mac and Outlook Web Access (OWA). You will need the logo that you downloaded in step 1 above. 

Berry Stories

The Berry brand is strengthened by the stories of Berry people, especially stories that shine a light on the benefits and outcomes that relate to the key features of a Berry education. To read about Berry’s impact—or to add your own story or of someone you know, go to berrystories.com.

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