Telling the Berry Story

Telling the Berry Story

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For the Berry community, many, if not all, of the topics that form our story are familiar. These tools can help set the stage for you to tell your own Berry story.


These are the pieces of our story that we want others to remember about Berry. Think of them as guideposts: they needn’t (and shouldn’t) be memorized or recited verbatim.

If you want to cut to the chase, we’ve included an “in brief” version of each.

The Berry Compact

Grounded in our founding, the Berry education is built on an exchange. The college offers a purposeful, four-year approach to learning anchored in mentorship, reflection and work. Students contribute their ideas and industry to making Berry—and the larger world—better.

In Brief: We help you make a plan for academic and personal success, provide hands-on learning experiences and surround you with mentors. In return, you help make this community—and the world—better.


Berry students fill more than 1,000 jobs across all of the college’s 180 departments. While gaining as many as eight semesters of paid, professional development experience, they connect classroom studies to hands-on learning, gaining invaluable skills and taking ownership of their education.

In Brief: Eight semesters of paid, professional development experiences with increasing responsibility. Skills relevant in any career path.


The result of a deeply ingrained culture of mentorship, the people of Berry share freely of their experience and expertise, helping one another learn and develop as scholars and people of character. Taking on the best qualities of teachers, friends, coaches, staff supervisors and alumni, Berry students grow into mentors in their own right.

In Brief: Student and faculty mentors have your back from day one. Along the way, you build a network that becomes a lifelong resource.

This Campus

The world’s largest campus is a place of tremendous physical beauty, encompassing facilities that support unique work-based learning opportunities, countless options for outdoor recreation and ample opportunities for research.

In Brief: The world’s largest (twice the size of the next biggest—and of Manhattan). It’s home to exceptional research, professional and recreational opportunities— and endless personal enjoyment.


A collection of people from many backgrounds and points of view, Berry is welcoming, respectful and deeply supportive. Students are free to express their faith, voice their opinions, explore new interests and do the things they love.

In Brief: Welcoming, warm, inclusive, respectful, engaging, lively and faith-friendly.


Berry graduates do well for themselves, starting their first jobs or graduate schools with a sense of purpose and momentum. Equipped with solid degrees, a wide range of portable skills and well-established values, they thrive in their careers and lead in their communities.

In Brief: Known for their sense of purpose, work ethic and habits of mind, Berry graduates hold a distinct advantage in their professional lives.


A brief accounting of the college’s most distinctive features and benefits.

The Berry education is impossible to replicate.
It is grounded in a partnership between the college and its students. The college provides rigorous intellectual inquiry; up to eight semesters of paid, practical work experience; and a framework for students to build their own four-year plan for personal and professional success. Supported by a caring community that values mentoring and constructive advice, Berry students become committed to making this campus of tremendous beauty and opportunity—and each other—better. The result is graduates who are agile learners, grounded in purpose, with a stellar work ethic.


The overview of important brand elements (click for PDF version).

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