Wireless Networks

Berry College has three different wireless networks available for use on campus. Each of these networks fulfills a specific purpose.


Berry is the secured WiFi network available to students, faculty, and staff**. Information sent over this network is protected by the highest levels of encryption. This network also has access to the greatest amount of bandwidth, making it considerably faster than the other two networks. Students, faculty, and staff should use this network. Please scroll down for instructions for your particular device.

**Access to this network requires your Active Directory credentials. Your Active Directory username is the first part of your email address. (For example, if your email address is jsmith@berry.edu or john.smith@vikings.berry.edu, your Active Directory username is jsmith or john.smith, respectively.) These credentials are used for campus WiFi, campus computer login, and campus printing. You can reset your Active Directory password in the Berry MyApps portal. 


BerryGuest is an open network available to guests of the college. BerryGuest has no authentication or encryption, so information sent over this network is not as protected as information sent over Berry or wired Ethernet connections. Students, faculty, staff should use Berry instead of BerryGuest.


EZConnect is designed for devices that need wireless internet access but don’t support the authentication required by the Berry network. Some examples of devices this network is designed for include the Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, and Apple TV systems. EZConnectpasswords are available via a self-service portal. Step-by-step instructions

If you are a student, faculty member or staff person and have difficulty connecting your device to EZConnect or Berry, please contact the Technical Support Desk at 706-238-5838 or computing@berry.edu for assistance. 

IMPORTANT! Please turn off and do not use the wireless capability on personal printers. This causes interference with other wireless devices. You should be aware that if you add your printer to the wireless network, it will be available to anyone who connects to the network. Please use a USB cable to print to personal printers

Please note: Personally owned WiFi routers are not permitted on campus.

Please select your device for instructions on how to connect to Berry:

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 7

Apple Mac OSX

Apple iPhones and iPads

Google Android

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and 8

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