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Berry’s Emphasis on educating the “head, heart, and hands” is more than a slogan. It is a mission that defines who we are. The Chaplain’s Office has the primary responsibility for setting the religious tone on campus and assuring that we are educating “the heart” alongside the “hands” and “head” towards the holistic spiritual development of our students.

Our main areas of responsibility include:

  • Uniting the campus in Christian worship, service, and ministry through Mount Berry Chapel Service
  • Hosting speakers, concerts, book clubs, and retreats that are geared specifically towards the spiritual formation of our students
  • Ministering to the needs of the whole campus
  • Providing diverse and regular opportunities for Christian growth
  • Spiritual counseling/mentoring and referral
  • Supporting all Religious life student groups
  • Helping students locate and connect with local faith communities/churches
  • Providing free, specialized services to students with unique needs through our Care Network and Emergency Relief service.
  • Working with the Interfaith Center to promote understanding of other religious traditions


Berry was founded upon a commitment to Christian belief and practice. Over 100 years later, this continued commitment is expressed in the phrase “Forever Christian in spirit.” Each week, approximately 40 religious life activities occur on campus, including opportunities for Christian worship, Bible study, fellowship and more. Berry is shaped by an interdenominational, ecumenical approach to Christian faith and values. We welcome people from diverse religious traditions, and we are committed to helping students from different backgrounds find ways to express their faith.


A priority of our office is to facilitate active, individual and corporate spiritual formation that is shaped in a caring community of mentors and peers. There are on-campus worship opportunities, concerts, guest speakers, Bible Studies, book discussions, and special events. One great opportunity for worship, nurture, and service is Mount Berry Chapel. This is our college-wide, inter-denominational, Christian worship service which is held each Sunday evening in our College Chapel.
Religious, student-run groups allow for affiliation and ongoing participation with like-minded believers. These groups are coordinated through the Religious Life Advisory Council. In addition, our office seeks to provide spiritual direction, encouragement and care to the entire Berry community through the Care Network.
The Interfaith Council, which partners with the Chaplain’s Office, provides many opportunities to learn about different faith traditions. Visit us at: Interfaith Council

The opportunities for spiritual growth are everywhere!


The purpose of the Chaplain’s Office is to embody Berry’s distinctively interdenominational Christian heritage by providing pastoral care and opportunities for spiritual formation and religious connection. The office develops services and programs to nurture intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth as a means to strengthening Berry’s Christian identity, while maintaining a genuinely open and supportive atmosphere for all.
Fundamental Emphases:

  • Pastoral Care (Responsive ministry) - Spiritual guidance, support, counseling, presence.
  • Spiritual Formation (Proactiveministry) - To develop mature religious thinking, feeling, and acting.
  • Religious Connections (Supportiveministry) - Fostering religious engagement on and off campus for all interested students.

Core Values: Worship, Nurture, Minister. Indicates 3 directions, or kinds, of programs & opportunities we aim to develop. (Upward, inward, outward)

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