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Inclusion and Success

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The Berry community is one of care and respect. Your Berry education offers opportunity and provides an inclusive environment that welcomes people of many backgrounds and perspectives to prepare students for global citizenship. We have programs designed to help you along the way to be successful both in and outside of the classroom!

Academic Success

Accessibility Resources

The Academic Success Center is dedicated to creating a supporting community of peers and professionals in a welcoming and engaging atmosphere.  Through accessibility resources, consultations, tutoring, and workshops, Berry College students will master their academics with confidence.

International Experiences

Discover yourself while experiencing the world through Education Abroad. Whether it's academic study, internship, or global service, Berry College has the right program for you!

Religious Life

Berry was founded on Christian principles that live in the very core of campus life. Martha Berry wanted her schools to be a place where worthy students could live, learn, work and worship. She was a deeply committed and practical Christian woman. As a result, Religious Life remains a focus of the Berry experience that is encouraged and prioritized for our students.

Student Diversity Initiatives Program

The Student Diversity Initiatives Programs Office provides an educational program that prepares Berry College students to contribute to and succeed in a multicultural and global society. We serve all Berry College students but focuses on support services for international students.

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