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Suite style residence halls offer two, three, or four bedrooms that share an adjacent bathroom with a common area and kitchen with all residents in the suite. The suites in Thomas Berry and Centennial are accessible from an interior common space. Suite style halls are reserved for upperclassmen students. The suite style residence halls each come outfitted with full-size kitchens. The kitchens are equipped with a microwave, stove, oven and refrigerator. Suites in Thomas Berry and Centennial are also equipped with dishwashers.


Centennial Hall houses both male and female upperclassmen with a capacity of just over 120 students. Most units are four-person apartments, complete with a full-size kitchen, living room and two bathrooms. Each student has a single bedroom, with the exception of three suites which have one double room. Every floor has a lobby and two study rooms. Laundry rooms are located on the second and third floor of the building, accessible by elevator.

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Thomas Berry Hall is a men's and women's residence hall named for Martha Berry's father. The building consists of four and six person suites, each of which contain a kitchen and bathroom. There are a limited number of double rooms which do not have kitchens but are equipped with bathrooms. A lounge, public kitchen and laundry room are located on the fourth floor, accessible by elevator. A study room/lounge is located on the first floor.

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The Townhouses house men and women and have a capacity of 185 students. The Townhouse area consists of 16 buildings, containing 24 four-person suites and 16 six-person suites. All townhouses are equipped with a kitchen. Four-person townhouses have one bathroom while six-person townhouses contain two bathrooms. A laundry room and RA Office can be found in building F. The area also has a pavilion with picnic tables

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