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Caitlin Herring Mentorship
June 5, 2024

Recent Graduates Grateful for Berry's Unique Brand of Mentoring

Mentorship is a cornerstone of the student experience at Berry College. In their four years here, students foster fruitful relationships with faculty and staff members that bolster both their academic and character development. Ask any Berry graduate, and they will have countless stories about mentors who helped shape their path. That’s every bit as true for members of the Class of 2024. 

Visiting Assistant Professor Jennifer Bradford influenced Theatre and English major Trey Wilkerson to embrace his talents and grow his confidence, something that is crucial for success onstage.

“Professor Bradford’s guidance has been essential in my growth as an actor and a person,” says Trey. “For a long time, I had a bad habit of doubting my own abilities, and often that doubt crept its way into my acting. … Professor Bradford noticed that one day and guided me through the best way to handle those doubts and insecurities. She taught me that I could trust myself, and when I did, beautiful moments happened onstage.”


Anna Kelly Lawless, who plans to pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, found courage and a career path with the help of Chris Mingone, clinical assistant professor of health professions and pre-health advisor. The two found they shared an inclination for attention to detail, and Mingone even met with her over Zoom while she was abroad, helping her think through her future.

“He was one of the first people who asked me about loving the nitty-gritty,” says Anna Kelly. “He helped me identify the skills I would bring to graduate school, and helped me believe I could do something as hard as getting in.” 

Faculty members provide encompassing levels of support in their students’ lives. Their passion and dedication are reflected in the ways they direct and lead their work. Caitlin Herring felt the everlasting impacts of this dynamic while working in the lab with Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Quentin Johnson, who served as a research advisor, academic mentor and friend. As a result of the Berry culture of mentorship, Caitlin was inspired to become a role model in Johnson’s lab. 


“He has given me patience, kindness and loads of advice,” Caitlin says. “Dr. Johnson is also my hype man. He never fails to encourage me when I’m down or feeling not the brightest. He also pushes me to reach for things that I think are out of my reach, always believing that I will get them.”

If you’re looking for a college that prizes a culture of mentorship, we encourage you to explore all that Berry offers — like one-on-one coaching in a caring community.

Story by senior Audra Berends

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